Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mike's Swimming Blog, Day 16: It Evens Out

When it's very late trying not to
disturb the neighbors much, and
when it's more than 110 degrees
one tends to just stand in the
water. Algae can take hold and
the robot slides down the sides;
Hoolie, life must get our reac-
tion. Life must not persist in
these salted waters. Life is bar-
red except for one main life.

But when it was hoary tonight
I had the reaction; it seemed
to feel at home in the suspend-
ed life-bloated filth and teem-
ing nutrients, bursting possib-
ilities for sustainability of an
eco-system. My abdomen
grows green and purple scales
like a beautiful crustacean. It
propels me like a strong fish.

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