Tuesday, November 27, 2007


To get to the quarry, Kug had to descend four ladders, crawl across two ladders, and climb up six ladders. It was a jagged bowl of dry grey steam. Some men and a strong woman worked with a dragony, scaled ox to push some of the rocks out of a hole in the quarry wall. The rocks rolled down a hill to the river, where rafts were waiting. The water and the rafts looked furry grey. On the opposite wall ladders disappeared into the dust cloud. Skinny men carried rocks in shaggy woven cones which were near to their own heights and strapped to their backs. They moved up and down the ladders like timid palm weevils. Someone had fallen, and a shiv priest was administering the scorpion from behind a heavy dust veil.

Women and children and old men sat indian-style everywhere in the silt, vaguely pink and black. They rocked back and forth bringing medium rocks down onto small rocks to make gravel.

1. Time is a Liar

Tom decided to gather together five people to make a point. Each of the three he was able to convince by offering money equal to a community college course overload teaching hour was provided with a phone or walkie-talkie and a camera. Tom let Sylvia sit in his office, as her ankles had been aching. "OK I'll call in a minute." "Okay Tom, I'll be here. Bye!" She ran her fingernails through her hair as the heavy metal door shut. It had been connected to the same AirSpring hinge device since 1978 and now whooshed like it was supposed to at first, paused just before contact, recoiled for the kill, then slammed hard. Syl was still shaking out her bangs absentmindedly as she peeked into Tom's desk drawer for a moment, realized what she was doing, and closed that, too. Then she planted her elbow like a compass pin on his calendar blotter, propping up her chin, and let her eyeballs roll this way and that. It was November 27.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

You Have Entered a Restricted Area

in the flouresence
each imagined the other's thoughts

*gasp* oh my dear god
that's the scent of a working man

it dries out your skin
it's not Oil of Olay, either

now i understand
you just have to get into it

try this... manly now?
do you think that will slow me down?

you seem to like it
i'm hoping for something better

can't do both at once
this is called Riding on the Beach

you favor mine, then
it hits me in a certain place

you are so my bitch
you wanted me to come like this

this is really gay
but a guy has to use something

think i'm ready too
doesn't last very long, does it?

we should go wash up
Macy's might have better stink juice.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Can the jacket be lighter than the pants?

The next day there was a special skin grafting ceremony of matrimony. Kug felt funny because he didn't know the people and also that this was a ritual that he would never have the privilege of experiencing, at least not from under the chrys. Yet, he had been invited as a trophy escort by the third work honk's quarry mate, and flattery, he had made it clear, would always work with him.

He had a dark green loin cloth and a nice summer shoulder skin which was felicitously in the same range of hues but happened to fall on the lighter end of the spectrum. He'd heard, perhaps, that it was considered bad form among those who wore the dress of trade on a daily basis; the top mustn't be lighter.

He recalled Bif's reaction when he decided to move to the Outer Shelves more than twenty WD's earlier. "I gave you the best... I gave you my forties!"

Looking forward to grafting was now something that belonged to the young.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Disqualification and Rescue

It is called the chrysanthemum dog because its face looks very much like the flower.
So high-stationed as to appear leggy. So low-stationed as to appear dumpy or squatty.
Any such faults are to be penalized to the extent of their deviation from the standard.
A missing or slightly misaligned tooth is not to be severely penalized.
An overall well balanced and pleasant expression supersedes the importance of any of the individual parts.
A false image created by grooming techniques is to be severely penalized.
Hindquarters...are straight when viewed from the rear.
Trimming is done on the feet and at the anus for neatness and to facilitate movement.
The Shih Tzu is to be shown at its own natural speed; neither raced nor strung up.
Disqualification: Albinism.

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Monday, November 19, 2007

Gross Appendages

I am a head that can only speak,
But I have come to terms with the dis-
Use of my body.

At first I thought it was them did it,
But then after the drugs took effect,
I see it was fate.

I freaked out at first, but there's a les-
Son here about a connection to
The spiritual.

Waking up paralyzed is waking
To a lot of things, a black morning
Revved up with lightning.

In my suffering, blossoms started
To seep in like stains in wet cement.
They were your faces.

I can move my mouth and ears and scalp.
Your bodies are gross appendages
That carry your heads.

Friday, November 16, 2007

I Am Music

Every Goddamn Thing and then Some FD (the Mp3 Fois Deux)

Fois Deux!!

Les Encanta Lo Ruidoso

en mi vecindario
les encanta lo ruidoso
los cochebombas son alarmantes

en la sierra y boca de niñez
se encuentran sonidos preci-
osos y musicales.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Deal with It Society

here in these moments
stolen from reality to
examine reality more neatly

i find you ganked my
jeans and another article
down where my breast swells but left to nothing

they wont let us, babe
run in criminality, dude
or stay and go down like captain and loon

we are a high cost
flipping to a tidy bounty
coins, or a single comet in snowfall

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

No. 3

When Reptily reached a much older age, she developed a condition where she couldn't stop talking goofy. She was much revered as a mystic, and gave advice out from under a hair shawl in a Flintstones wheelchair. She could walk, but no longer had to.

Meanwhile, the Shiv priests had replaced their sign with the acronym everyone had come to recognize over the past 70 years or so:


In fact, an eruption had already taken place only 20 years previously. It was anti-climactic. Steam and boiling water, foul gases, not as much magma as you'd expect.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Commedia d'Arte

this whole corporate life you
could film in one sitting
taking samples from that
meeting, voiceovering,

long-beak monster's face close up.
dubbed complaint: not enough _.
pan to three other gar-
goyles; thumbs, deep in noses,
perk up.

It's that their sleep's been disturbed.
now they wear the vivid
honor of anime.
We say shut the fuck up,
or so.

closeup of weepy, groomed mug.
masks interfacing or
cast at opposing walls,
sorted groups in hallways,
with sound.

a thousand poses can fit
in a tiny e-file,
each connected to keys
you can play with a flair
for years.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Run Out of Town [the Mp3]

Pariah goes folksy!
Run Out of Town [the Mp3]

Run Out of Town

i'm a bitch
because i'm single
all of you
have got your dangl-
ing others
locked in a room
mmm locked
in a room

he doesn't love any other
except for you, mmm, ex-
cept for you.

late tonight
i saw a visage
of myself
without a pot to piss in
my brother
run out of town,
on a broom, run
out of town.

i'm heading home to my mother
she loves me true, mmm,
loves me true.

was a time
before i came here
when i slept
with another body
beside me
feeling so blue, mmm
feeling blue.

i can't have you as my lover,
you can't have me, mm i
can't have you.

every goddamn thing and then some [the Mp3]

every goddamn thing and then some [the Mp3]

every goddamn thing and then some

a lot of things worry me, a lot of things concern me
a lot of things just don't seem right to me
mal-aligned, risky times, drinkin' to my valentine
these are signs of hypocrisy

i wanna shoot straight, boots laced, real estate for rent
and all the benefits of zen and Christianity
stockin's dry, rhubarb pie, my sweetie and a pack o' gum
every goddamn thing and then some

[repeat and fade]


we are a clot of desperate Eastern Europeans
smoke is wafting over our fence and into neighbors' yards
we are intense among ourselves and have straight opinions
while to others our strange ways may seem swarthy or antique