Thursday, January 28, 2021

The chopper

as a young and pretty
carefree big-ass slut
I slid on my butt
down a stone incline
to find my panties
or some others that
may have washed up

realizing it was a dream
I marched into a bank
looking for wardrobe
but the chic sommeliers
were stridently delivering
their empty trays with
no eye contact

there was a rousing barber
of seville scene, but no
one would break character
on the set to let me know 
where I fit or how to get
back to my tent so through
the main square of town

I followed a young man
with hair plastered to
his face, which was hurt. he
wore a maroonish overcoat
and he kept his axe in 
serious reserve stepping 
up and down the bricks

by Peg

Friday, January 22, 2021

Said a loser

there we are in montevideo, and here's one where
eyed globes rise phantom-like along the vena cava;
their tails taper and widen against the miasma
you would give me the secret to survival, and it
would work, and I would say wow thanks, and
you would say, oh-- sure. 
jazz-handed lymph newts popped off in space
between the bowels and lovingly glommed onto 
any flesh around to anchor and embrace

it clearly has a purpose but no self-awareness, so
the exact opposite of my current predicament, so
you'd think there could be a balance: said a loser

by Tom

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Can i hospice out of this?

savage lash-out
too close to the surface
drop all the shoulders
shrug at the blowing fires

fear cannot be our guide
someone has to live despite 
the edges, someone has 
to occupy the boundaries

Dr. Donna Thong
(reinstatement imminent)

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Fluency v. mania

to me you are the epitome of the perfick
stop don't go there it's far too manic
the words they're not special or even pictoric

i wish that i could re-meet you
in that steakhouse booth with a backache
and call it a night, a life
and be through, barely a bleep
now i see what ensued
every night in my sleep

by Ilyn
"for you, Shab"

triple hoarfrost

you fooled me into thinking you were there
long, snowy trail up to your driveway

then i thought i could handle this whole thing
without needing walls to put my head through

the weather came in waves, a triple hoarfrost
a still white fog that hardens patiently

by Ted
"for you, Peg"

Monday, January 4, 2021

er tips

stop grunting or they can't hear your heart
the wipes are for staff; use the foam dispenser
headband lady's name is Miranda, not Carmen
a doctor can be rendered speechless by his 
interpretation of your scan even if it's specious
no comparison btw tramadol and dilaudid
hint: which gets sent home with you from the vet?
there's one special shot can make pain un-flower 
in your chest without going to your head 
you can bump other patients from their rooms
get slushy ice water and steaming blankets
don't cross your ankles during a pressure read 
you can ask for the same wet mouth sponge
that they apply as a palliative to the dying
you can outnumber the staff if it's busy
better mention your occupation or invent one;
they want to treat a contributor to society
in this ambience, even a lie is ennobled
by Ilyn
"Just about half of Illinois"