Saturday, October 25, 2014

drudgery of fashion

his precarious mid-century recliner
bought of the drudgery of fashion
thinking good news would protect him:
a torture chair, with knobs where your
elbows would be and a loose ratchet

rickety and in the style of Monte Carlo,
this furniture is mild to the eye but does
not meld to your body on it if you dig
may have been a her chair, something
not so comfy as a reminder what to do


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hell Burns

Hell burns the entirety of the spine.
Organs hang and collide.
Eternity impends.

Hell burns it well and frequently,
Takes in the scold, the suicide,
Won't open up even.

All this is ashes kep' aloft by heat;
Clouds have no gravity beside
The molten stone pit.

Mkidza Mlaf
"Mama of the Chama"

Sunday, October 19, 2014

they list, in progress

  • they want to go slow until you try and pass them
  • they claw and backbite for tiny differentials
  • they think all food is their food
  • they draw you close only to flinch at your over-familiarity
  • they move in packs with self-loathing at the sight of a free agent
  • they are only pro-their-own family
  • they exaggerate themselves until you accept them unconditionally
  • they believe life is for fun at your expense
  • they don't believe in the concept of sophistication
  • they suck up the world's hatefulness
  • they burn the world with the world's own resentful burning
  • they find and rest their righteousness in history
  • they hold smug claim to a future century
  • they steep in the dramas of their class oblivious to real pain
  • they log in to a web of associations that transcend law
  • they speak and behave in an intra-signaling manner
  • they stand behind your back and make faces while the other one engages you in conversation
  • they spoke like first ladies as children and then proceeded to obstruct and deaden
  • they act like money is some kind of degree
  • they used to be filled with delight or rage and one was the other's medicine
  • they zip in and out but break into crawling straight in the face of authority
  • they look one into the the other's eyes with knowing murderous
  • they've already pinched off from the earth in a bubble
  • they still siphon out what we work for
  • they orbit us yet they make us seem peripheral
  • they make you forgive them by their intransigence and your need to be free of resentment
  • they find me at my weakest moments
  • they circle and eye and buzz as if your suffering will fill a need
  • they pick off the guards and isolate me in a context of freedom
  • they learn how to twist and bend and howl for love
  • they each have a sense of individuality and furtive complicity with self-interest
  • they look out at the arc of a globe in wonder
  • they shill in the first person plural as if they speak for everyone
  • they say things like we all love a locally sourced burger
  • they trademark phrases like we learn important things in life
  • they didn't crawl out of the sea and turn into people here
  • they take lands either habitable or uninhabitable and build cabins
  • they need somebody tell them whats up   
  • they build castles on live burial grounds
  • they say they're giving when they're taking
  • they say they must first take to give and then give nothing
  • they give nothing and explain it's that they didn't get enough
  • they smile as they're thieving and lock up the good for not smiling
  • they lead you singing off a cliff without themselves dying
  • they put their dogs down when they move like you'd turn off a utility
  • they claim animal suffering as a crusade and themselves royalty over all strays
  • they believe their connection to the non-human to be more profound than most
  • they take refuge in a killer's house and act surprised when they're targeted
  • they get killed by making killers kings
  • they share enjoyment in morbidity when it's warranted
  • they take their private pleasure in all kinds of morbidity at every hour of the day
  • they beg forgiveness from a terrible conjuring
  • they conjure punishments and rewards and go on uneasily with neither
  • they counsel that it's choices get us where we are choices
  • they've made all matter their monument but won't let you cry on a shoulder
  • they murmur sentiments only meant to hypnotize you further
  • they hog at light with anachronistic agrarian vigor

Russ T.