Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Somehow, I have to cry

if the id or whut?
could at least let
me a) cry b) read
c) exercise every
day I'd be healed

First Words
Gravel Emergence
(Oaxaca lime pit)

Monday, February 27, 2017


With this gesture,
I am literally trying to shrink my own head

It's gone WONG,
too much going on, crazy, getting fat on itself

Holding it all in or
covering ears to keep out stimuli: yes both!

With my hands
pressed in random placement on head, yes

Eyes at times,
it's the universal symbol of exasperation

But ever since they
burned the mthyuh down I've been wearing

Their shirt and mascot
because they are like my remote bad actors



we remember the woman who'd tear across campus eyes ablaze with some SSRI
she was the emblem of all our sadness and was protected for that reason as a goddess
cry-happy but smile-sad, our inner affect, uncomfortable gut doubting, all there

Tom & Sylvia (Retired)
Associate Professors
College of Cement
Low Chank Campus

We can't help loving, and we can't stop

For our part, we realize we became lifelong missionaries and took on the inevitable and really not even worth it agonies of that profession simply because it was ligamented into us by a couple of 20-something zealots going through a phase. They way beyond that now. But us... it was during our formative years. We can't help loving, and we can't stop. 

Deena Jan & Jan Deena Jansdaad
"We are brother and sister and the daughter and son of Jan Jansdaad, Jan's and my dad along with who we call "the other daad," our mum, Deena Jansdaad." -Jan

Everyone judged me

Everyone judged me when I started murdering everyone, but it turned out of course that I was just in the first ring of the waves, and then everyone was murdering everyone, and then it was like aha, I get it, everyone probably should have murdered everyone a long time ago.

Apologia (fragment)

Sunday, February 26, 2017


We moved out here because of the peace of the summer trees that surrounded the house and hid it from the street. However now that a warm winter has come at night we hear the hoarse cries of animals woken from a chill and killing each other impulsively or screaming in the heat of want and/or fear.

Sylvia & Tom Mareieds 
Associate Professors
College of Cement
High Chank

so... nauseous...

so... nauseous...
help all the units with viable true K tissue
uh... help them... their radioactive waste is
not a just reason to end the race we
crossed a line and twisted their progeny...
ours now to keep... let them be whole on
some island or deep chank hole... so... deep...

First words (audio)
Fourth emergence from solid rock

i can't tell

overrated: celebration of other-self indifference
recreation of so-called sages with no evidence
when i suffer: can't tell who or how much blame
but a look within and all around seems the same
i can't keep up with it-- all the tempers i inflame
can't call me lame, but destruction's not my game
i'm badly lit-- flip-- i turn the mirror to its opposite
but that's still not it; what's my responsibility and
what's just bullshit, the produce of someone's
random ignobility, how much burden can i lay
of course in the most respectful way at the feet of
person or persons who made the system or let it
have its way with my innocent children god help
them as she may your houses may they burn, burn

Mkidza Mlaf
Temple Breach Response
Day II

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Dumpster eagle

Fat-ass eagle dives for a mole and misses,
swoops self up into a treetop, but only
about 12 feet high. Staring dumbly down,
can't seem to remember why. Scratches claw-
to-head like a dog. Dumpster catches his eye.

by Mike

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

You're funny when you cry

Let me drag you around the
world as i use up the last
scraps associations places
while i remember and they
still live but hopefully do
not remember what i give
to a culture not my nation

How about a last tour to
confirm the invisibility of
what i think i know is there,
see in my face what's now
and new, plus you and
some cab fare, and a hotel
room to go discover or to

Cower where you can't hear
leaf blowers or sirens just
cooling fans in a cable box,
muffled hums of a garbage
disposal or the water softener
if you wander downstairs in
an hour when it's time to sleep.

Drama Night
Main Clinic
Centre for the Journal of the Meta-Cognitive Talk-Therapy Apologist Associations

Monday, February 20, 2017

pod boss

edge of the chaffed amygdalae
insouciance toward knowledge
tucked fuel sources in the cage