Thursday, April 28, 2011

Carrot on a prong

They left me naked on a stainless slab for like two hours. I was so cold I couldn't move or shout. It was a paradox that up until then I'd been experiencing a sucking gravity that wanted my life with it in the center of our planet. Was it so wrong that on an autopsy table, instead, you feel that the main stage is right there; if you are still alive on a surface of those properties, associations you are doubly present before a strong frizz of imminence that can beckon like a carrot on a prong.

Because I'd slipped into the trance of a dormuñeca, Ted reelie freaked. Because my axial staves had curled stubbornly around the mattress springs, he additionally found it hard to lift me in his arms but as always, championed. I'd trusted him because he was married to Peg. Maybe past domestic horror on the man side could be right cosmetic for the new girl. Also he knew to the last sprig of hay how it felt to minister rooster like to a bird wife, la monarca d'ensalago. At least I could show him tenderer buds of an ugly to come. 

But now he would let me be dead and move on to a new life. Maybe to him it's all the same when She Wakes up Alarmingly Knowing, Enlightened as the Sun. That means it's someone else, next head to pop up in a window. Telejournalism had forged him some terrible paradigms. Off camera presented a writhe pit of humanish complexities. Or he just wasn't thinking right, or the decay fomented by the acid rain of the industry had allowed to protrude a sickly primeval crimp, toad, appendix, fail, trip. The ages bade me forgive him it.


"I've helped Phyllis become more accepting of her body's changes."

"A scorpion knows that a human is never more fully on the go than when she is simultaneously screaming and slamming with her shoe a creature who seems to want her harm." 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Cock is a Whole World

When once with the morning you are off
There's a whole day blossoms free on ya
Bran new sensations, slurpy kisses, funny
Wrinkle-puss puppies swelled with candy.
Fresh being gives the environment a gloss
Who can help reaching out to this fat hope.
Now everything matters more than before.

Sistah Grupe Project

Monday, April 25, 2011

Maybe You'd be Happier with the T-4

1) Here's my fashionable address, and
2) here's my extreme mint antiseptic mouth rinse.

MIKE: Being sent spanking back to poverty, we expected scenes like this. One feels that the windy neighborhoods are more exposed to the way the planet spins. We may have used this cutting edge pool robot for two seasons. It needs a little tightening of screws. Come and see us in our new location: Mountain Hill Wheeled Estate Homes for Those who Can't Get a Loan. You know the route.

RESPONDER [well-off immigrant/ other race]: Well I see that the Morbo T2 cannot crawl on your slatted floor. Fish out of water so to speak. I think I'll leave my wife in the car, as we are outside the range of tweet. And you live here? All week?

MIKE: Yes, out of sorts. It's where we are put, we. And I hope that you'll be happier with the T-4.

RESPONDER [couldn't be more than first gen dog eater]: You know, I didn't figure out until like the 10th lawyer that they want to be the judge and you have to make an argument there, on the cold call. You must be a performer, a courtroom savant and courtesan. Nothing bureaucratic can save you now. Nothing bureaucratic can save you ever until it's already too late. In the real jungle, there is only jungle, jungle acoustics. Prolly not, but one day a kid in career apparel with an electronic pen might attempt to trace a pattern in the trees on his tablet screen that looks something like a thing you said as one would lazily outline a Sears in a grainy black and grey satellite square. If you respond automatically as the powerless, suspicious consumer taking supervisors' names, you will get played, and it won't be fair. The Better Business Bureau is only a fun house mirror lane for we sillies with kid thoughts. In the same way, you won't sell heck with your take it or leave it to beaver snide attack. We live in a world of ideas, missy.

MIKE: Of course you're aware it includes a remote control, and the gentleman selling it in the back of NYRB still has access to filtered water. N' prolly dry ice. Must be nice. Need to be chemically burned to feel fresh? Walk out that door. Frame. Or fork over less than thirty percent of the original purchase price with none of the hassle and call it your. Morbo T-2.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Over and over he thinks he sees the soul of man and it turns out to be hollywood trickery. Unless the soul of man is something painfully sweet and an approved holder of Christmas, what a cheap catharsis. He settles on the idea that there is a soul of man trigger in the chest area and you only have to stroke it for a moment and you think you've seen the soul of man. It's the same button that the real soul of man would push, but everyone has figured out where it is. Certain professionals are able to make you convulse glandularly just because you are there and paying attention, even if you have never requested an expressive event. You begin to experience your physical response to commercial manipulation and it is sickening. It is an important life moment seeming to occur even as your real soul is gagging.

"Official Statement and Deliberate Expression of Revulsion"
Participants, First Reenactment of Apocolant's Attempt to Enforce Society

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Country vs. City

Exasperating thesis statement: There are many good and bad points to live in the city vs. country.

This could pass the *CHAD: While urbana can provide a civilized tea room, chance of a circle jerk with any number of recognized gangsta-cult members, red or blue collar, el campo will top you every time, city boy, with our men of all trades, truckers, ethnic princes, hot married realtors undercover, stroller daddies and military.

*Chank Assessment Dump

"I can only try and claw at another month-- it's Gawd's choice." 
"Please try an' give me, knowing that I make the sacrifice that'd otherwise fall to m'famly, just a small sacred space around me that cannot be touched upon, and enough time to settle firmly into my bedding."

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Like a Sap

My first snapping eyehold on daddy with irises of evergreen and shocks of ruddy premature, earthen hair from head to toe-- a six-pound spindle, in fact, of hoary non-baby likeness-- inspired him to visions of one day looking up my dress as one might close-up view the Tour Eiffel once everything were stretched enough and diluted out to see the woman in it, and being nearly blown flat by the sheer enormity of where life can go. Not Conrad, nor Condoleza neither Constance but rather "Conifer" is my name fully given. I am here to report the story on why everyone thought they'd murdered me, how it became so personally important individually, and how some of them might even think to cut me down for fear that knowledge of their innocence would leak out.

"Maybe I did it to myself. Like a sap."

Friday, April 15, 2011

Prince of Alba

We met Hoolie one night we heard the dogs barking again, and Mike had just about had enough of those guys from the Casa Medio Camino passing by and insulting the bitches, so he went out like he was gonna rake the pool but then he ran up to the fence and starting shouting at this poor felon "hey you have a prolm, come and work it out, it's between you and my dog," and the guy comes up pretty calm, but what choice did he have really, of running ahead to his group home, what a humiliation, or facing La-La's daddy. He's coming up about the pace of a field hand over furrows, and Mike says "you have a prolm with one of my bitches you can just come on in here and work it out in person," you know? The guy tries to say sunthing and Mike just says "no, no, it's okay, I'll open up the gate, but no fair bringing weapons." He says "no fair bringing weapons so you'll have to come in all naked and defenseless just like she is." Cuz those are the terms upon which she is willing to engage you, sir.

Then before you could even have time to ponder it, there is Hoolie ass to the moon in the yard with La-La, just standing, facing off but askew. Not but the next frame they are rolling into each other, billiards like, in the sand. La-La, who everyone knows is the biggest joker, act like she's trying to hump him, then she bites his ankle, Hoolie shakes his head like a madman, flying ropes of spittle... too bad we don't have pictures of this! They were good buddies all right, so we trusted him too. He still has never crossed the threshold with a stitch of clothes. But if we're ever in danger or wonder who it is there, creeping up through the desert from the liquor store late in the evening, it's Hoolie. If someone ganks our license plate or swipes the power washer off the driveway, if it isn't him we know he can help us think of "whom." We call him Prince of Alba because he's so white. With the whole of his flesh, he's enchanted us and rules yet.

Mike and Donna
[when we were together-- D.D.T.Ph.D.]

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ruses versus Perfidy

Until we can manage a Butt Wedding, I sit outside the moonshine in the shadow of the house in the sand with the dogs. Until we can get Ass Married in matching pajama jeans, the bitches and me will turn our heads at the exact same moment when there's a noise in the bushes, and I may let out a tiny, low, preliminary "bruff," involuntary-intermittently. Until we can consecrate my Man Maidenhead, all other activity is dull and domestic-animalistic.

by Mike

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tonight is...

that's the morning birdy
like a kitten crying for a titty.
keeps chirping till it's good and sunny:
Pree-ooo. Pree-ooo.

blazing deathstar rears basically as a dot.
somehow a non-mammal goes after it like a nipple.
even though you and me can't even nod as two.
Me-you. That's brain freeze, flashbulb blindness.

Creature sounds are taken on only a la carte soup du jour by others at the zoo.
When they sync with their salvation antennae, link to their shame receptors,
Every color of lipstick could be a way to say how hip you were to suggestion.
Once cast into the tornado of a day, tonight is what men piss into showers.

"I love guys and cock and the 90's."

Beads and other reading

There's been some nerve damage, being born up through gravel.
This way, the world of beauty is something I can hold in reach.

Alternately, a myopia is congenital; as a surgeon, it's a wash.
What I don't respect is being left alone during an ocular migra

-ine, which could have healing power via beads and other reading.
We, ones who grind back through backwards are unusually curious;

much of knowledge is precious. For that, I pass hard obstructions.
I speak oaths against each world just as it forsakes, abandons me.

Why must I pick over the same stones in a different century?
Fossils or missives, these beasts sought to fight, mate and eat.

"Posterity, always."

Friday, April 8, 2011

They made it smooth for love

Was a time when love was always on the table because of so much dying,
and the one was s'posed to make the other easier, smoother to take on in.

Was a place where folks'd gather round and purge your sin as it happened.
Even a game board or janitorial closet could hostess yr transmogrification.

I remember a boy's strawberry blond banana curls on a raft of knee denim.
He could turn fearful disdain to daredevil glee of victory for a community.

Lad had a platform to make and display a vis'ral sacrifice, be taken note of.
Of course he was later either tossed in a gorge or eaten, after some beating. 

Still t-tay, my thugs and me think with the same blood and know there's no-
thing dearer, more sincere you can expect from a man than the loss of fluids.

"Not about you, Jan."

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Austerity clinic

What you looking at, Missy Silly? They ain't no treats for you t-tay. Why so reproachful, lovey? The stink eye. Who saved you by tossing bait in the yard, even used my best boy, the house guard, to lure you in with sexy jumping.

In the hot pockets a local wears a percent of her skeleton on the outside, and visitors have to come and go quickly. To get you back safely I'd, oh I don't know, helicopter in and hang a ladder action.

[...] how in every town and age, there's a man wanders up and starts to build a cathedral outta tracter tires 'n "adobie." Who knew they were all the same guy. He's not a troublemaker; he's like a beggar; it's a mystery his place of showers.

Suddenly he's there in your rooms, a blinding light. There must be electricity in his touching fangers, or a deep smell of handiwork.

Bitch, you are our child.

Sylvia to Peg at age 49, already an unrepentant monster, strapped and clamped to a vinyl-upholstered panel van, as Tom stands by sobbing. 

Monday, April 4, 2011

Physician's Licensure Hold Lounge

Now Donna cannot even go back to her hut on the desert floor. Some say having left the garden hose on too long made a leak to the aquifer, and that's how the collapse occurred. Sunlight and her stucco home broke through the decomposing granite crust and free fell a few hundred feet before splashing down hard. One ironic mention about it all getting sucked in, her cards and pictures, pets, food, art collection, driveway with cement prints, mailbox is that at the same time, she was remote viewing a documentary entitled Chank Atlantis. She'd shown up to sit in for the state that day. They had her on a tuffet of clay, some would say, because of the law tablets that were played to negotiate her stay in the Physician's Licensure Hold Lounge. From her folding chair in the rehabilitative media chamber she had marveled at the power of the sea cutting down on hubris, especially the condescending sass of the middle class university-style intellectual with their endless self-congratulatory slumming forays and phat-assed group licking pageants. 

What saved her life was the rubber room is the first obvious but wrongest conclusion you could come up with. If life had been normal it would've been Nature there to call hero: Nature, who held Her shit until most righteous folk would be off at work before giving into the breach. The depressing fact was that nothing much else but Donna's life was saved of Donna's life. Was this where she'd be into perpetuity, a detention event venue for enemies of the meta-cognitive talk therapy apologist movement? Sure, she was safe, her life anyway, but the focus created by these environs always had to be the patients: were they secure from alternatives to medication as well as compliant with the prohibitization of medicative alternates? The rationale of the health vendor societies everywhere was cost, that they be recipients of all cost, that it be monitored, and that there was an accountability of payment, sustainability of need, and payment that could be pursued and multiplied and punished even while continuing to provide a river of product opts.

Phyllis, SSCB

Friday, April 1, 2011

I'm Too Vulnerable

As a deity you probably recall the ways in which I praised you, the only overriding emotions to desire having been nervousness about getting your personal attention and my unworthiness. Now I suppose my silence signifies to you how I can't bring my maiden lips to engage in this filth, but also now please know how wrong that is.

When you wrote me back I went weak at the bottom of the spine and the vision was all google-eye baby. But even frankensteins have an embryonic stage when they don't yet know how to answer phones. What you are asking me to do is way more, even further I think than you could pay for on some more tasteful corners.

Now go. If you ever imagined loving me baby, go quietly nau. I'm too vulnerable from the last assoh who thought he could catch a quick taxi to double-queer crisis in tiki-land and live on, fully able to pitch optimism and catch flack. I'm too vulnerable to let you grab my most intimate giblet and treat it like a bar snack, woma.

"And I'm Sorry"