Tuesday, June 10, 2008


They say I have to get off my thighs and
back to doing mortal things if I want my
present body to last into the next mil-
enium, continued Pegyuh. But that ex-
ercise for its own sake just doesn't last,
can we finally be real? There must be
deep biological reasons for our movements,
because there are serious physical risks
to dry humping life on a treadmill.

So I try to do things around at the
palace. I take the square, multi-colored
satin pillows with a satin button of the
same color in the middle off of one
airport-scale chesterfield chaise, beat
them rigorously, and return them to
some alternate window seat, breakfast
nook or bear rug in another always
just-breaking view of the property.
The nice thing about the residential
buildings is the stone-heated floors.
Before, crumbs would mar my counter-
top. No one had been friend enough to
just pulled me aside and said, "appliance
garage." To say the least, my kitchen n-
ow appears to be a granite tomb.

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  1. I found this post to be empty, disdainful of women, and remotely homophobic. Pegyuh is Goddess!