Friday, February 25, 2011

Bitter last thing they yelled

air is muskety with wisps of shrapnel steam
you won't take my farmin and i'm givin my horses t' injins
standing in a dapply shade with that sword-drawn pose
swore a war vanquishee, now hewn forever so.

air is dusty at home with The Hoarding Squa, squatting
into the land with boxes and snacks to weight the structure down
and to have on hand whenever tomb travel might set in,
a war with men or nature that knocks out common supply webs.

air, world you blew it on me, i wd have done anything, i swear;
wd have given anything in and outside me, family, shiny sterling.
wd have submitted to tying or courses of labor, obligations, fines;
wd have been willing to stay here, breathing, for a longer time.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Crazy guy sez:

you pump supermen bible stars hockey legends presidents at me like a batting machine

and then you give me the MMPP, which ass if i think i'm on a mission?

i just soak up the spills of my heroes and keep the faith in what i been wishing.

i see the ills of society, but you see those pills in me, and everybody can't go to prison.

Monday, February 21, 2011

sleepy scream

Compared to Donna's pretty prison, Peg's incarceration over at PharmSupply had been much more futuristic and steely unyielding 'cause of both the interior architectural elements of the space and the officious register of her jailers. They were at work, bottom-lit, ghoulish, suited up; the rooms and interfaces boldly angled out of indestructible polyfab. The optimistic, gothic high-ceilingedness suggested a society of builders that would see their curving hallways with concave base molding tunnel through a millennium.

Once as she was taking in a breath between screams, Peg heard a guardian yawning. More splendid a range of emotions could not have dropped from Mthyuh's craw just then. Peg was grateful as if to a nightingale through her cell bars, but also miffed. Was the hard young mercenary jaded, bored. Did his employer weigh that sound down on him with labor, true as her gasps in chains? Did he intentionally hurl a sucking insult.

Then they went back to turning the big wheel of the rack. The basic mechanics had not been altered for centuries, though this was a modernist rethinking. Someone obliged by pulling her hair back so hard as to lift her head, and she could see the level of industrial streamlining possible in cast iron, the high-gloss cleanability of an aquamarine Dyemenkote dip.

Phyllis, embedded

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Nachos "Espanto Hindu"

small red beans
media pechuga
Fritos "Scoop" chips
>8" boner
aceite virgen de aceituna

cut a thinner fillet of store-bought whole chicken breast half.
key to this meal: a darker spice that bleeds the satisfaction of red meat.
let it shallow fry in a cast iron pan with three bay leaves and
your estimation of whatever is "a lot" of cayenne, paprika and naked gerlic teeth.
you finished the beans days ago in a pressie: heaping t or level T of turmeric, whichever is more.

Donna, at the hotplate in the privilege room
Casa Medio Camino
Desilusión, Fordamall

Thursday, February 17, 2011

People are Hot on TV

I was interviewing a sex guy who likes other sex guys.
He says it's paramount to get them on their backs
'cause then you've got the choice of either being on top or
being on top. Even better: dick/hole/dick/hole/dick...
Is it a values question, say if the only choice was embra.
Yes, he had to admit, he would choose the vadge. One
can't help it-- it seems cleaner even tho each opening is
nasty in its own way. Anything, in fact, seems nastier if
it is attached to your non-preferred gender. Also consider
the het-fallacious bias for reproductive essence in love
paradigm [RELP]. How it leads to dissociative fixation on what
penetrates. Reality contains, we contend, one set: conscious
beings focusing their targets of desire. Intercourse is a term-
inal object in a panopoly of toys/ instruments/ expressions.

Phyllis, rovin'

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Devil on a Chain

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Even after the transformation, Missy snipped two claws together pointedly to signify wanna ciggie. But her screeches of indignant soul-wrenching need sounded identical to an itchy call for hors d'oeuvres or snoring or Intruder! or wanna play. So no one knew how to help. A Pall Mall is the last thing you think of offering a non-mammal.

We wanted to set her for free release. At the precipice of a fine waterfall, the resolution of Walter Ditch, in Fordamall, there was a ceremony. We removed the cigar bands from her dorsal spears and administered an amphetamine, but she just stood there.

It was as if Reptily were hosting a banquet in her memory and had to tune inward. Our civic event was merely the ambient trickery to pimp her reverie. What was going to be the culmination of generations of patience and misery, a way to eschew, into perpetuity, the co-dependent mischief of the land, a dirty given, and let savage have its own airs, domains?

We found the way that wild is tamed for show, but we still didn't want to keep her. For sure, they say the devil on a chain is a wasted life. But the truth is: she's got no wheres else to go.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

blue-collar mad scientist

Yor laf in m' fangers gimme dread deepina bawlz,
Sorta whut you muss feel ravaging yr taunting food
Sep it's a kinda love too as I let care grow b'tween us.
In this hot room moisture prickles erywhere b'cause
you have evolved from a 2-bit preacher to a
national shivstar lottery queen from all I'm doing,
along with the searing truth 'n chance of electricity.

You think I'd risk my tam with Jan 'n the kiyuds
'f I dint know there was sum'm better t' provide
lak a day unner direck sunlight, stan on a real hill,
outta cement caves n' twilight of wan superstition?
I want yor skeletosis to tell a story longer than th' both of us.
You can raise bribes 'n forces, try 'n blend inta rustic corrals
while yr frens tie 'n kite you with ideals 'n booshia.

But because you have killt fr hunger, shiny coins, boredom,
or jus the sum of whut you were born being worth,
We cn bestow on you 'n honor greater than th' crusader kings
as you unfold these thinly fleshed and hideous wings
and a war helmet's gouging horn is organic to your face.
You may rise now awful Chama, and step in terrble knowingness!
Epistles loaded in yr chips will tip you into streaks of righteousness!


Beta Invocation of Operational Systems

Hunger's always a bran new idea

Kep dreaming of a patteren or a mark:
from when they drove me spanking from poverty?
Regardless of how I'd been, I would be holy.
The gowns and injections, the bars.
I had to learn to twirl like a goat on a pin.

There were circles, lines, and curved lines.
Faces aimed at me filled the biggest caves.
At least no one marches a goddess around by the elbow.
She pulls on ropes, reveals tureens of fragrant smoke.
Preservation Society pays her in cash from the plate.
There is public housing for these special creatures.

Wayne, I'm awake.

Chamatilly, to the rescue

Friday, February 4, 2011

Wreck Command

We're sensing some activity in the Crack
swimming bird-fish, topless
aframerican in her 30's
just picking up the skeletry
but it appears to be a cartilage-web
cape-like wing of light
and she's cutting on up through
the bog suspension with her beak.
There's a broken transmission:

...ckgghggk... donna... ckghk...