Monday, September 29, 2008

Hoolie Discussion Board: Month of the Tranny

Hoolie comes up to me, "yeah i've let down or gotten in fights with all my friends now, so maybe they'll finally leave me alone so i can drink and fuck. which is my natural state."

You know as well as I he'll start missing the fighting part soon. Any updates?

yeah as a matter of fak miss thang storms in for the weekend snapping left and right like he's all that, the shaving kit all over th'bathroom and the lighter, squares, cenicero set on the poolside stonette. i'm like yeah just think of me as some homeless chick who hangs out in yor place and you just tolerate. he say yeah i already do bitch.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

K's Rule my Emotion Sickness

Reptily because she developed the incompatibility early on before her shivpowers were implanted against the K-Names her force shield would now remain up always, even though the K's were again taking blood with the local alliance.

"Even standing facing one o' them full on, I feel a nauseation. I have to turn away and pull feathers over me."

Prepping now for Volca, only a few months away, unsettled matters become a concern. But then what wud scarification rites be without a scar. She shuddered thinking of the letter and where it would be place.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Fallen Woman

Name: Chama Tilly
Current Occupation, If Any: Ruler of Night
Duties: I rule the night.
Explain: I rule, as in ruler. I remain conscious while others slumber. I am there to witness the full measure of darkness.
Position Sought: fallen woman

government holiday

why as the days shorten
they are such an effort
to get to the end of

i, an individule
have many jobs to do
clean planet save wal street

stop warming save petrol
spare others around me
from those who'r not so cool...

Mikes's Swimming Blog, Day 90-bouts

Tonight I only waded. I could be a tranny, depending on your definition.

Dog Makes a Connection

Dog makes a connection with master, master favors dog, dog understands to fight off all others. This is a fascinating and suckling thing for an animal. It is a game and life at once in a grub bowl.
For the master, he sees the specialness of the animal: her tits. She must be suckling so she hong-
ri enough to do anything and guard the dam house. If she doesn't eat the ganado, she is top bitch.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

"Ingesting Resources and Giving Back on the Community"

Sylvia comes home puts on some spooky music and stares into a candle.
This is the me that i am; ingest me Mthyuh so that no more may suffer.
Yalalahalala. Ya [etc.]
Have we not fed you our poor our most outspoken. Yahalalalahalala. [etc.]
They who want to live no more, we let you have them Muhalalalahuthyuh. [etc]
[etc.] Then you spit them back up on our Welcome stone: nuf of the Othyuh, Muthyuh.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Nothing can Fill my Hole

I come home to my fabulous faux-renaissance palace and hover over my persian carpets in the opium den listening to my favorite ragas. My four fabulous akitausies file in, strutting their glammy beauty and leaving a genuine fur-rug trail behind wherever they step, smiling their adoration. I glide out to my multi-tiered pool with fountains, really more like a water park. Here I bob as a rubber duckling in the falls and whirls. Later, for dinner: all the delicacies that the local ShivMart can provide. My mother? Although living here on plant and does cramp my style, adoring and willing to commit crimes to retain my favor. Then why... why the hole? It's a hole and it's the size o' Texas, right here... [Chamatilly indicated a large oval area between her groin and sternum by drawing an invisible egg shape with the tip of her finger. The hole came all the way up under her breasts]. It seems that nothing, nothing can fill my hole. This hole, priusnear the size o' Texas, is all up inside of me.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Envy of Sociopathy

like a clothespin on yr nip,
fine remorse and guilt rip
all up on through to yr sp-
ine. when you kis me on d'
liups, we lookinat so mini
owrza feelingud witu chile

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Look, Girls: Get it?

Look, girls: Get it?
Some will say that you are uninformed (they will freakishly pronounce it "on-informed").
Others will say that you are confused. HUH?!?
Still others cite mental illness.

Does a third of each make one in three? I don't think so, honey!

Stick to your "guns" babes! You so rock!

Hoist'em and keep breathing!

A stitch in time say sutured poison don't run!

Pegyuh is the whirl, chile!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Find Someone Who...

is a drama queen.
likes red punch for the lipstain effect.
exaggerates, and whose nipples are erect.
bugs their eyes at you obscenely.
rolls their eyes in digust while making a drink.
is every moment conscious of their hairs.
is always sniffing at the air like a sacked fish.
wears a ladies' perfume so sweet as to induce diarrheas.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Drag Ball Announcement

"Remove body hair unless you're keeping it as part of your act."

"Tease back without being mean, come up with a smart response that is slightly catty but won't get you labeled as a "bitch"."


Bitchy Community

if you are wearing a wig that's totally straight
and natural baby so it won't melt in contact
with a square, just maybe fizzle, and you can
let it fly, "we don't have time to be in line. we
bitches. we need men now, we don't think any-
much else is funnie. we bitches cuz we've our
freedom and we prettie pissed aboudit," al-
ways standing in a slak circle smoking and
pointing rocked back on one long boot heel.
i am making a stand here near a gutter to say
look, it idn't right. and she's in there (pointing
out) and i'm out here (pointing down) after..."
whatever. then all the sudden they laughing,
they laughing, wild, start scratching each
other tops and poolin hair. they exhausted act-
ing animals that way, leanback on a public
bench giving each udda da dubba-berrl out
f'm undah dey skirts o' dresses. "u a slag."

There'll be no Ascending or De-Escalating

[advice to stripper continues during alcoholic blackout]

And hi, then ok, and you know today's my birthday. In-fak it's been my birthday all month. Yes I celebrate it more every day. I think I'm going for a record, yeah. And it'll be a different year every day, but there'l be no ascending or de-escalating. Same manic pace all the time man. You wanna piece? Of this party? [etc.]

Trannie Month, Day 3

"Tryna rince a ho-lotta swole-up kibble dow-ntha spose-all!"

Here I felt like a Georgie-girl in her new Bronx apartment. There is a scrappy rat terrier whose she feedin big pyreena chunks and each one is a biscuit t'him. She has a curly style could withstan several days partying if you keep it combed out n'spraid. So da curlz just be bob-een inna sank while she rince da dish. So, she keep it casual dat way an: reeyul.

On the mas-que lynne side, i cd be a peasant farmer and loaf of bread in dego-t swatting flies angerly at da rustic table, the one where he's really losing it. Good thang female side, from her tray-nang can do some clee-nup an doe-ne-vuh free-kout whan thangs start t'geuh-tang stee-yuf.

Monday, September 1, 2008

September: Month of Tranz Mission

Trannies and tran-sex is Tran-Zendnt.

"Sorry": Bitchiness is Part of My Culture

if you wunna take seven yeer yo
roll fo to figgr out: you ged-it, you
ennup evvy tam az da bee-yawtch.
I am tayking it all f'm u-soze I cn
keep it rill. min, I aina gennlmin.

"I'm a Man and a Woman, Too": Pegyah Now

Read up on sexy Peggy Yuah: ageless New-Age eccentric say she don't have any gender identity to prove... or hide.

Q: Peg, may I...

A: Of course, Donna.

Q: Peg, you've been picked on and panned for your free-roaming gender-benders at the cost of our society. How do you respond?

A: I think that I've got even more man in me than most of my Knowers would reflexively attribute. Gender? I see me as a liberated man more than a hot, modern woman. At home with his masculinity: it's his skin and he's wearing it. Not pasting on cardboard eyelashes and playing Vegas. I'm me with a pussy, and I'm me with a dick. Just so happens I've got one... or the other. And I feel good about that.

Q: This has been Dr. Donna Thong and I think just about everyone's favorite ritual goddess, Peg. The Pegyah! Give it up.