Sunday, September 24, 2017

Pig shepherds

in response, we reverted
to a family-like structure with
oaths, rocking, game meats

or buy a red light and see
how green the cherry of your pipe,
just trying to hold your shit

by Hoolie
"Hot-Child-in-the-City Chank"

Friday, September 15, 2017

wide-straddling sado-recreationalist

He felt that acorns' plumets
were people throwing rocks

judgers standing too high to
see the faces or even shoes

gamers or conformists taking
their roles in comfy innocence

wide-straddling sado-recreationalist

"It's how I will remember Tom."

Plant takes man

We are gaia's brain
So vital yet just an
Organ of nature

Our parts can sever
one another, to
varying degrees of

Destruction on a
scale of hand
taking foot or

Brain, reeling,
taking poison:
plant takes man

by Donna
a) "Today just Donna today." 
b) "I kept adding 'today' to the ends of my sentences, and they still seemed to know I was an ex-con."


Saturday, September 9, 2017