Friday, March 30, 2018

As weather permits

i am an animal who stalks the killing field,
slinking twixt chainmailed calves, brooding
at my luck, in the coppery mist, on not so
much of a hunt as flower picking for men,
down and wounded, to carry them off and
have my way with them, oblivious to their
powerful original victimizers, i step in and
back in and keep them in my cave, fiercely
protecting and ranching them when i can

by Donna
"I can't find you, Mike."

Monday, March 26, 2018

back of the house

Loneliness as transgression

Fortunately anything women have to say is now fascinating.
Didn't realize I'd been waiting for this day of fem reckoning
Though I cum frum the same past as all genders, one where
Handymans and manosos were wallpaper or sofa cushions,
Not the worst that can happen and also provided company,
Shelter from the other annoying women & children's voices.
It's like lucille ball said it's when they stop groping I'll worry.
Well now i'm free from all that, all that all, and just all in all.
This freeing freedom wasn't free but now it's free of freeing
freesources or a single freaking like-minded or any girlfriend.
Sure, men don't have to matter but they must because
Where are all the single ladies hanging who aren't
Lesbians or hookers.
What must i as a single woman trapped in the body of a single
Woman expect from life now that i've broken free of the
Chains the opiates of the masses and soberly feel wind in my
Goddamn face, shed, even, my need to copulate the race,
Those engines no longer charged, ironically, here in a broken
Seal-and-Peeled window, smashed open, ready for.
I sit in a window like a whore for what's outside society.
Cum, better ones. The just, gifted, outre'd, fashion-victimed.
I'll bake pies and no, i guess we'll invent a new fried dough,
Start this show from scratch. Cum, wind. Snow. Anyone?

"Me too, everyone!"
By Donna

Sunday, March 25, 2018

android compass app

i had to expose intimate parts of me
and settle into a lifetime they access
my accounts, camera, private parts,
just for a monthly pass to an android
compass app, because the laptop's too
big to carry around in front of me as
I try and find my way to the phone or
clock or somewhere i can take a nap.

North and South; East and West

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Correct angle

From my point of view, there's no N/E/W/S.
I smacked my little bitch on the butt for maybe the first time ever.
I'm planning to make N/E/W/S signs and look up their appropriate corresponding walls to hang on per an online map after locating recognizable coordinates external to my home.
She seemed to go crazy, almost ran into a glass door.
Meanwhile, I lose grip on interlocutors, charged connections, cannot interface without shock.
She'd run in the door and ate Juniper's food even though that's why I had her out there in the first place so she wouldn't do that.
Meals don't come to me, and I don't seek them; suddenly I'm ravenous and there's nothing.
There's no way to play without losing; I've come full circle, and it's verified.
She's so fat her tiny legs are imploding.
I just want her to get better but her will is too strong.
I bite at all the carrots, ok I'll do it, and better than anyone, and hold me to it, and it's wrong.
A life seeking pleasure and grieving it out of guilt is a bitch's life, or a god's.

Big Tiny

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Man Bun Tips

"How Knot"
Bandless Side-Bun w/ Veil

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Bitch Crit


Cannot endorse

While they may be loud and dry, a phenotype we've endorsed previously on these stones, the examples that have been trotted, stair-stepped, and blatantly squeezed out before us are also harsh and hard, and painful, which was neither the intention nor the spirit of our original Everythinguide classification.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Ultra, Alta, and Outre

I started as an idea, and that helps make
sense that there'd be others trying to get
out of me and others you want to put ba
ck in. I can't stop the morbid ideations f
or example of Peg, in her brown wig, be
ing Remote Tissue Decisioned all over t
he control room, how the rangers laughe
d as Tom doubled her over over and ove
r until her hair flew off. She's an idea th
at is having an anxiety attack inside me
now, and I feel that if I were a multiple-
personalityed and selves-aware subject,
I'd say that she was imprisoned inside o
f me and really losing it, still in that tig
ht black crepe dress. In fact hypothetica
lly mind you there would be three screa
ming bitches trying to take over the ses
sion and take over as the dominant pers
onality but then what-- me and two of t
hem trying to get with a new cycle? We
'd self-destruct. Pegyuh calls herself Ul
tra because she has two kids and she w
ants her life back with a mthyuh's fury;
Alta knows what she could do with her
freedom besides what biological impet
us alone could not achieve; and Outre,
the quiet one, skulking behind a park b
ench or a tree in our imagination, worr
ing us with dark poses and a tauntingly
high ceiling for aversion to great perso
nal risk or a prodigy at least for stunts.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Walking Couch Lock

with a cough

Monday, March 12, 2018

Wicker Spitoon

Can't we be more like the dead?
The more I try to find you
In the fog of loneliness
The more I recall my pre-plague
friends, how they'd stay
to work it out the night through
When talk was play was our
Way into pleasure, importance
This cold future came due
As they drew their last breaths.
No, I mean literally die, long
form, grotesque; but not
writhing, thanks to the drugs
we are currently not surviving
and while providing, sure,
prettier corpses, but also the
empty hole on somebody's list
of who's there when I'm old.

"Thanks to All of You Who've Died"
by Tom

Friday, March 9, 2018

Probe Thong's Kidnapping and Involuntary Participation in K R&D

Did DT
sew the autopsies
was she drugged and
brought in because of her
exaggerated resume and
actual size of breasts?
Was she an indentured intern
to the RTD program at
Was she released thinking
she could mainstream?
She'd become skilled in
many kinds of surgery:
reconstructive, exploratory,
organ removal/ replacement
and quasi-medical
K grooming techniques

"K's Fly Spread Eagle"

New family roads

new family roads
in emerging colors
can't absorb
history from a stone
if it isn't theirs already

you can't expect us,
now, to follow a
single historical
line, and converge
for any longer than

it takes to say it:
Time, in its truer
voracious circle,
supposed to blend,
but bleeds instead.

La Chama, Altachank Heights, Churchcock

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

You can awaken safety issues

You can awaken safety issues
which had been dormant (not imaginary);
that's not the same as looking for them

Feeling unsafe is the same as being unsafe
from the environment, self, others; fear
alone could trigger accidents of nervousness

We volunteered not to strap on bombs but
walk out into the minefields so that you'd
know someone at risk because we knew

someone dead who'd gone in before us or
someone'd come in after them, but dead still;
trekkers into either world endanger one world

by Ilyn

Friday, March 2, 2018