Sunday, November 29, 2009

Spin, Vajra, Spin

Maybe it's my hairdo that makes your bun fall to the side when you think of me, mom. For she is I that laid your egg, not you a Peg, and members of my retinue must twist the dhammilla so low and tight.

Mechanical creatures and slime can rest in my weightless curls with room for your life and forty more. I love you that much to communicate my post-feminist claims so you may rest in my jatamandala while I shriek in carnal crime and despair.

My terrible living makes me pigeon, street girl to stars, but to compare, you are just a tiny ovum saved by chance on my vajra tip. You suffer sharply. But I am there. When you hear the cloying screech of a suparna, you feel me.

Your Peggy, Our Pegyuh

Friday, November 27, 2009

memory concern

nature made one womb insult
another, forced you from under
skin cover into bleached air:

how could I suckle your
charms when you'd stolen my
man, simpleton, happy meal

come back or die, peggie


Homesick for Sorrow

Peggy, daughter, godlike
horror; I miss dangling
from yor claws

Don't you have even one arm
on reserve for yor father?
you can hold onto so many

chakras, tendons, memories.
at yor birth as an adult already
we stifled our vomit be-

cause you were ourz, woma,
shocking yolk-sucking
bird of technology:

your talons carried me,
so were a part of me, my
migration into yarns,

lies, wintry buff salad of
fur and cries, wild and
concern with pre-history,

peggy... peggy... peggy...

Love, Dad

Thursday, November 26, 2009

My Husband is a Rickshaw Driver

Krais I think me air bladder's full, Syl.
Well just don't take to the skies, my love. And walk behind me.
Nothing like a brisk and life-risking stroll t'the hotel after Thanksgiving with the savages.
Do you refer to the motorcycle dodging?
And the blackout and the open pits and filth piles.
Happy Turkey Day, Tom. If yor lucky yule get eaten too.
Did you catch the framed photo of the dumpy colonists and dead tigers?
Hideous. One lain atop another. Lifeless as rugs.
And what about the way they announced our consumption from the minibar to all the other guests in the lobby.
You are ashamed?
There's such as thing as discretion.
In drinking or in collecting drink's wage?
Bastards will gouge you with their handlebars to avoid a stone.
Or maim a dog.
But we've come so they may see, remember.
Or for fear there's nothing for us anywhere.
Yor maudlin as a milk-begging cripple.
Yes, everywhere cows roam free, and yet...
Here we are.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Transgender Dad

This post has been taken out, swatted on the genitals with a white fig tree stick and shoved off a cliff.

Mthyuh Preservation Society

Window Seat

gray ceiling
chanks rising
blue walls of sea green
jungles or trees at least
where tigers could be
grey ceiling flat
and moving
yellow road scratches
white casting black shadows
farmers dig out
their industry
some cultivations
just look like keratoses
patches dabbed at
with brushes
over Myanmar
muddy river red and green
then a bellhop in full uniform
bearing orange Koolaide on a tray.

by Sylvia

Friday, November 20, 2009

easy home

  • a wild forest of desire under her housedress


  • usually amenable
  • sorrow of captivity
  • hyper-empathic
  • "We have to wade through a stink water river of suffering humanity, crippled dogs and burning tires just to buy a damn nail clippers."


  • "Don't forget it's for the church, dear."

That night

  • she whispers praise the lord as they fuck

Morning in the Terai

  • Big red sun on a 3rd-gendered temple
  • Tom and Sylvia in silouette
  • suitcases full of eyeglasses for the clinic

Thursday, November 19, 2009

easy home

against the horror of All,
sleeping in a plasm of snakes,
Cali rises in my face w/out your

touch, brief soul smiling:
i exploit yor dumb balm.
we can ride on fire back

to my place, a dingy 4-star
hole. Shab, my accompanying
dog, whose eyes glow, is mad.

Peg, manifestation of estrogen,
can take you down town, and
yor clan will grow old wondering.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Swooping Beast

My partner in the hard-plastic cask where we were buried alive in cellophane sheaths and cables and I took an airborne beat to contemplate what's now a rural legend: how the Chama was sucked through a grapefruit-sized hole in the pressurized cabin when the stainless steel flap suddenly gasped open at the bottom of the commode. In an instant one is there, and then not.

She was a goddess and could sprout again in a dirt lot. He was a prototype for Asian-American goobers. He kept hocking snot into napkins and stuffing them between our seats. He was scanning a spreadsheet and operating three electronic devices while tongue-rolling a toothpick in a baseball cap. He slept hard with his knees bent "indian style" and upon waking had already cleared the virals he'd been farming.

Monday vanishes over Da Nang. It's not ended because it never happened. Throngs phase through their generations as Archie characters in fresh skins. Freckles appear from nowhere into their rightful industrial age of error. In Spain, they called it edad de pavo. Big-headed, pencil-necked beasts. They are miserable and potent and giddy with loose beaks.

Chamatilly birthed as the earth turned her up: back, shoulders, arms, scales, and having been scattered to the winds, desirous of integral flight. It's everyone's problem when a queen takes a spill. Now she swoop in bald headed with piercings and claws and craving easy hot nutrition in tiny disposable dishes.

Thai Business Lounge, BKK

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

You Havin a Party, We Havin a Party

Measure your success in drops of happiness, and the drug addicts win.
Plumb sorrow, and regret.
But if we all can connect over stylized flowers,
Stencils of the same design in different colors,
Commodities will be cheap for everyone.

You havin a party, we havin a party.
Spread yor fancy plumes-- nirvana costs the same everywhere.
Here's our lucky day: don't have to worry at all a good
35-80 hours a week. It's a hypnotic supply chain.

Bring me yor backs, yol. You should be doing good, not begging.
If all I see is asses, I am Lord. You are selves frontal forward,
Trusting me. That's how we have fun signifying one another.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Lesbian Stem

Oldentimey couples often chance to sit and chat over checkers at one of the Preservation Society chessboard cubicles chained to Sin-Gaberra Chank. Today Chet and Charlie can't decide which carnival or what ride was the most chilling back in the century before Chang K. Chang was even a mention on the Chama's lips.

Was it Hysteria? Tiny Gun Toter? Envious?

If I had to choose, ventures Charlie, in a pinch? It's Devil's Clit. Devil's? challenges Chet. Charlie: You betcha. Chet: Clit? Charlie: Yep. Ok, just checkin, Chuck. Charlie: Yeah, I know whatchur thinkin: 'The Devil's Clit never choked a man's speech like the coaster over at Chank Dhubbabera.' But it was the cheddar curls, not the attraction. When the commissary cooked 'em crunchy, they cheered you good.

Then they made us colonize Chang K. Chang and opened up the longest ridemall in the wurl. On the Vagina Root, you could have some hairs pulled or catch a load of someone's spittle on your chest; coming off the Lesbian Stem, everyone would be dizzy and hurl no matter what. Yeah, Vagina Root, Lesbian Stem and the curio store, Prosthetics Whore, were all perfect for a second or third date as well as kitty-corner from the bar.

Pandora was just a gaping humid cave with a fog machine, but everyone went in there to pee and avoid the perverts in the Ladies' Room. For some of their ideas, we blamed Perpetratoress, which always had the longest line, and once inside, things just went wild with lists of suggestions on what to do without getting arrested. The only way to exit the Perp tricked you onto the street as if the whole churning circus had suddenly become disgusted and attested, "Yor toxic!"

Sand Trap

The neighbor sometimes mows his
dirt while a pit viper dogs its barrier,
wife standing by with a needle.

Isn't she regal in the torn screen
chatting on a land line? Aren't pretty
hands wasted swatting at dire straits?

We thot we'd at lease have some
body art to show for our aches as
opposed to a paucity of bike parts.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Obscured by Flatus

Juniper is prone to tumorous growths all over his body, inside and out. For a while he'd sprout fingery pink blobs through his teeth he could just chew off when they began to overhang the jowl. Could this gene be harvested and viralized to inhibit precocious speech development in targeted individuals within the branks candidature pools? Then a furred, tightly ballooning sack like a misplaced, second-chance set of gonads bounces pert, just above the anus and contains a hardened mass that no veterinarian will go near. Which gland has sacrificed its own capacity for infectious response or even normal secretion in a real estate so limited as among those dorsal peaks and edges? Another living, blood-pumping agent inside of him which is him-but-also-not-him rivals his spleen in size and neighboring organ displacement but can only be directly verified by enzymatic footprint analysis. Every attempt at imaging so far has been thoroughly obscured by flatus. Up top again, at the base of the tail, you encounter a particularly bulbous and aggressive eruption, black and speckled like asphalt. When he shakes his coat, sharp grains can fly in any direction as if you'd kicked a jumping cholla cactus. Your bare legs may be fairly peppered with the gummy, reduplicative particles. This is another way that Juniper expresses and sheds his cancers.

Shaded information bar insert, p. 15.
Chapter 4: "Dogshiv!"
My Boys and their Bitc
Dr. Donna Thong

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Door Prize: It Hits you on the Ass

Corporation: OK well I'm the great big corporation. Think I can do what I want? Well no. I'm just a hallucination: you are me. The individual. Without your support, I'm nothing. Never heard of a Thousand Holes that are Tight? It's everyone pulling together to co-sign my Right to Plow.

Individual: Ooo lookie me I'ma little diddly noo-body who can't even pee without buying a contraption from some kinda capitalist. You'll arrest me if I just let it flow. You say I'm gay if I don't have a mug with your pig logo.

Hoolie drinks a lot of wheat juice and tries to explain getting fired to what's left of the disciples.