Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mike's Swimming Blog, Day 11: Aquagesturals

If you make movements that are not normally thought to be water movements, you can go as fast or faster than you can with regular water movements, and with a priusload of energy savings, chile.

For example, dog movements way beyond the dog paddle can propel a human through liquid whereas with a canine it could fail. If you make a movement as if you are wagging your tail in still pool water, you will propel.

If you are on your back and act like a young pussycat theater stud and sort of pump the surface tension, you will propel, and quickly. This tongue-like motion allows you to "lap" with all the same goodie health points as a linear lap, except for that everyone else is hermaphroditic in comparison to your bonus "green" aquagesturals.

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