Monday, December 31, 2018

Just assume you're welcome

Ya you surface and disappear like a walrus.
Your beer goes to my gut.
You just assume you're always welcome here.

Just before midnight someone started
banging on a garbage can with a hammer.
Then as the year changed the can crashed

To the ground from a height. Then the silence
returned. Now you can hear them rolling the can
back to where it belongs by the garage.

by Donna
"Fortunes have altered, Mike."

Friday, December 28, 2018


As much as i've tried to brush life away
It clings as if to say there's hell on earth

Do i need a clearing, sure, call it dignity
the space an artist needs commercially

I take and sit in it and fall asleep alone
As i defend my right to be with anyone

Looking at times out at trees for friends
See how they've gained a mild hoarfrost

by Cap'm

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Choosing down

all along i thought i was choosing down
but i was water seeking my own level

disappointment came as no surprise but
i guess i've just described an oxymoron

love being blind and not contingent upon
how high or low the initial reach was cast

who can imagine and why would one want
to wager as to whether it would last

by Hoolie

It started millions of years before disco

As time progresses, 69 keeps getting colder. How is that possible?

Hi. I'm Dr. Donna Thong, it's 1:25 PM, and I'm not only not done with my morning coffee, but more so, I'm also not done with my more morning coffee. And I never will be. Morning Coffee All Day is an initiative I've decided to embark upon instead of Christmas.

You notice fluctuations in temperature and thermometer accuracy when you are stretching out a traditionally very limited chunk of a day into an unlimited paradigm. Unrestrained. There is nothing that doesn't get by you.

Now that I've had time to think about it, I'm going with the way the coffee may or may not restrict your body's ability to warm itself-- that along with restricted movement and blood circulation while sitting and sipping coffee at a computer for hours. There are also calculations ripe for having in terms of how a sun moves against a brick building and any interior responses to that or lack thereof.

Now, as for K blood, I've devoted quite a lot of reflection toward it and those, including K's, who carry it. I am now confident in asserting that it's not a "mutation." Referring to new discoveries as such is as insulting to the phenomenon/ life form whatever as it is telling of one's own ignorance of one's own ignorance.

It should also go without saying that the substance which, yes, has a faint purple glow even in daylight and creates a rhythmic pulse aura which sounds to the human ear like a drum, there is not even the slightest biological link between so-called disco music and K blood, K's themselves, or any carrier of K blood, biological or artificial.

by Donna
"May they always fly spread eagle."

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Prescribed burn

when i got back in touch with you
suddenly there was lots to do just
like the year before
a year that i spent and meant to
save myself for you in case we did
open up the door again

you conceded a fault or two
explained how you learned what
to do but you'd learned much
more, from another guy you'd
neglected to mention. To
find out tore me up again.

It made me think of the times
I took you for granted and some
other guys too, thought it would
be enough if i loved you, be
important, an advantage, a step
up, a welcome challenge.

But you taught me that I can cry too.
In the rain watching him kissing you.
I can't stand the pain feeling the way I do.
Can't you just tell him now while you can
that it's over and he'll understand?
That it's over and I mean more to you?

Now I'm sad because it's a nice day.
If not for him I'd be calling you and
We'd be walking in a forest preserve
right now. Because I'm usually not
the jealous one, I don't know how long
it will take to feel as though it's gone.

by Missy

Sunday, December 9, 2018