Sunday, April 23, 2017

vines and

Now they have and have been having them for a while
When before they were always just about to have them?
At least if you're dead all the sudden you'll know why.
so much is revealed in the eyes when you say what state you're from
and you might think much less if you only claim it as a birth place
but the ground itself is run through with nodes or a beckoning mesh
even while seated you may be inching backward to that sucking hole
from which you entered the world and began to absorb its pollutants
and energy and riddles and talking ways and then shat into it so often

by Ilyn
"Been ailing."

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Glory hole of war

[This post has been masked by the Mthyuh Protection Society's soulless inquisitors.]


cowl, pellicle, slime

You want too much truth

feel your own blood
how you know what life is
liquid creature encaged

follow the sound into louder
where it seems more human
bladder of every pain

tumble down the common stair
natural as water hitting base
wake-up to pin this day


sloth ambulance II

sloth ambulance
it's an urgency

this tree surgeon
i don't recognize

ad reels spin
until dawn is none

actors re-imagine
everything great

facial whores
sell out our grief

by Peg
"I wrote in my husband."

He sleeps fine

i cd tell him
pls come back to the other bed pls

i cd beg and cry and fall asleep &
he could sigh

but instead i rhyme like a maricon
& he sleeps fine

by Mike

On drama

God everything didn't used to be so serious
yes it did
no it didn't

When is it dramatic and when is it drama
it's all drama
no, dramatic is real

You mean mimesis is cathartic, but
life is dramatic
it's not real drama

Life is intense and absurd and shocking
drama tries to capture that
life is that. yeah.

But now somehow life exaggerates itself
drama's more plausible
if that's not dramatic, then

Then it's not life because life is more
intense than any drama
i was going to say that

Peg & La Chama
Inter-cellular whispering through ancient glory hole carved through stone wall
Mthyuh Protection Society prison installation
Chukka, Low Chank