Monday, October 29, 2007

20 years

this is the hum that will take us there
background now, the throbbing operation

past is all here, but future depends
on this humming, absent calibration

reality, direction isn't fair
when you consider possibilities

as I cut this wake through soup or glass
what will be thrown upon the surfaces?

as I etch lines in this negative
who on the other side works against me?

I see twenty years of piss flying,
one clear brick of present with yellow waves.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

pride, enemy

this grapefruit tree haughtily
honorably bursts into fruit
as a symptom of death.

these stunted ones do not have
a mature life; they turn yellow
small and drop, young and dead.

It was the juiciest tree
reluctantly drank lawn water
and stayed put in a freeze.

Friday, October 19, 2007

animated gif of his face replaced with jesus's during lightning II

Back in the cave, Reptily searches the men's pockets for liberty coins. Across the gorge, the high priests' sign has lost hold on one end. It now says:



"You bastards and your easy wages. I will take your future!"

The floor was seething with crickets, which were trying to sleep so did not chirp. One would try to scoot in further or mount another for comfort, and there would be a ripple effect across the entire herd. Their scratching and flicking whispered in the dreams of the courtiers.

"Only five. Only one kraplich. They have spit their lucre into whores."

An altar to the Fish Princess began to rock back and forth. Reptily stopped rummaging and grabbed her large golden hoop earrings.

"Bless me savior. You are pleased."

Reptily was neither bright nor curious. She repeated things her grandmother had often said out of superstition alone. Soon she had gathered eight more kraplich.

All Fire Burns

all fire burns
many barns lean
whistles may blow
work doesn't feed

all kids learn
many are keen
seeds may sow
sheep don't lead

all days turn
many aren't seen
cock may crow
eggs don't bleed

all milk churns
many meet the queen
banks may owe
rich don't need

all fire burns
many hearts stop
world may end
poor don't shop.

all fires burn
many don't smoke
love may heal
whores don't choke.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Craw of Day

windy black october night
she wanted to carve out her own place but
for demons that couldn't spell

all this vivid time and space
suspended in a dark obscene slime which
behaved as a godmother

each pumpkin plucked from amongst
the spew of vine couldn't not be rotten,
fruit of juggling cats or eggs

which is why in these small hours
she and I and a whiskey sour spit rinds,
stir with impunious bats

we dine at one right from the
cauldron or play canasta like spiders,
throw runes, sing, or speak freely

and crawling back, november
morning, silver, bearing too sweet a light,
the dead craw of day widens.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

cargo of diamond and no shields -or- Countries Starving in His Rectum

grinning picaro,
chock full of gold dust,
invites his ruin.

over-shoulder glance,
the butt shooting gems,
wings of spun candy.

tight yellow curls in-
furiate the dogs,
lips of lamb roast taste.

O patrona de
los cazadores
que nos ayudes

to stick him with a
pin on parchment, a
pen to sop the stain.

Monday, October 8, 2007

deification of gay men

once we were pirates
now here there they van-
ish, sprites, resemblanc-
es. you: symbol of

the gone. pert fairies
appear around us
like good friends fading.
goodbye! elfin trove.

Friday, October 5, 2007

raptor in a tree

Sylvia stepped out of her office and noticed a raptor in a tree.

There were no pre-prepared vittles in the cafeteria that afternoon.

Roof rats had been invading houses in the area since the typhoon.

In his depression, Alex explained that he could only see himself as another dirty link in the food chain.

At sunset, a huge visual distraction had begun: the Blood Moon, or Autumnal Equinox.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

like a horny crown of thorns

pool water keeps dripping
from my hairline, a
long way to go.

my bare palms were lifted
toward the phone wire,
all akimbo.

the god priapus shrunk
from the thorough soak-
ing. stigmatoed.