Thursday, August 18, 2022

Depends on my ass

When civilization's crass, who'll step in to up the kitty? 
A man spends a life with the world's elite on the same planet
What can he give? What is the answer? Depends on my ass.

Everybody's riding on it, the skills I bring. I feel the responsibility,
What can I say do now with the weight of this knowledge a
big load of memories across two centuries, the first step into the

Future depends on my ass. Now I can't look around the room 
and say oh yeah, well of course he has a prostate, he has a prostate,
and yeah he probably uses it all the time, I can be that way but

Depends on my ass is not going to change, at least hopefully 
not more than once a day. Depends in each new day. Depends
on how it goes, and whether or not I'll have dick to say about it.

Ayre Fromme Diaz

Saturday, August 13, 2022