Thursday, August 19, 2021

Sincere Little Face

i was at least gonna 
log in an
leave some pathetic
message to no one

but then i remembered
ye are already damn 
complete in Him
and my song carries on...

i got my grrl with her
little sincere sleeping face an
glowing red nails 
from the rag weed an the
biting flies she's ad-
mittedly an animal but ya
could eat her up like a
cannibal and every little
move that she makes
is worth a second take cuz
she sleeps by my side an
poses for greeting cards an
deals out the faces make a
grown man cry like it's
his own baby child looking
up and smiling missing a
tooth but pushing
through the discomfort so she
can be there for you an be
there for you there for you oh

my child's got me got my
eye got my face got my
eye got my taste my child's
got me got me in her embrace
my child my child my child


by Hoolie