Thursday, September 26, 2019

Sorn Gorn Dorn

sorn gorn dorn
naw tamir
ini stone
way we leaf

tayco stain
ona watu sai
you k hee
butta wa-ai pay


Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Pharmsupply's Prolabique LipLine Master-Lisp "Lipstickventory" Name Galleys 88rx: lipsticks 2020

  • all i get is pretty
  • a pinch
  • blankets for teeth
  • blind fury
  • blowers for algernon
  • blur
  • Bogue R. Dit
  • brank-ish
  • breeder
  • bubbles
  • cashed bowl
  • category 6
  • chipotle wind
  • duck-taped pepper grinder
  • eyelids of the mouth
  • fi'nna
  • fish clamp
  • go boom 
  • great lakes region
  • grrrainy day
  • hairy
  • how devastating?
  • indefensible
  • lawn salad
  • morgue ship
  • move-over ripe
  • nothingburger
  • ocular migraine
  • pay me
  • perverse motivation
  • property value
  • ribbon event
  • salted slug
  • shiny purse
  • Showing Green
  • slapjack
  • smartass
  • smoking lines
  • so...
  • soccer ball
  • Sorn Gorn Dorn
  • steak
  • stitches
  • sugar drift
  • thin
  • topless
  • torn open
  • torrid crepe
  • twouldn't
  • very devastating
  • void
  • warm roach
  • when
  • white on tan
  • wrap
  • you know, I don't? but thank you


Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with hate, resentment, exasperation, anger

Sounds come out my mouth or I have to slam a door

And if the door doesn't slam satisfyingly

Heaven help the the the...

Does it matter if I get home early, late anymore-- I mean who is there?

At least at work it feels like I have a purpose or

I am interacting with other human beings

Am I too enmeshed with my dog and and...

The most passionate engagement is with other cars in traffic

My entire body becomes involved in utterances

My heart pounds harder and longer even perhaps than

When when when when?

by Donna