Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Like a Crane

You in the shivplate bazaars
walking doubled over becuz
administration does not indi
-cate bending the knees or a
llowing much to creep into t-
he esophagus. Ever more bi-
rds and promises, so little ha
ppiness in our land. Talking b
-ack and forth looking at one
another's socks. Licking. Talk
-ing. Licking. Smiling. It's so
painful. The birds are shams.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lick More Shivplate

i think the goal is not nothing
; the goal is a little something
added beyond what's natural.
to sweeten a cup of tea or for

-n even, she goes beyond into
a realm of sacred non-reason
where only a god can set you
free. then she form changes.

peggy is a woman and more,
but as a woman, she is most
-ly ecstatic. this helped her t
-o subversively participate i-

n a Flounce commercial. if yo
-u read her lips, there was a
special message. You hear "F
-louncy baby," see "Pharma.

Phorn me, Pharma." she use
-es her natural carnal lawles
-sness to make a very spirit-
ual point: lick more shivplate.

Monday, December 29, 2008


you wore gloves when you examined my penis;
donna would've used her skin to touch. you see
-m to have nose with me, while sympathy; you
think that i will fit my own description in the DS
-M. donna openly admires me, butch. even as s-
he soothes my pain. she knows that i am an irre
producible copy of a ficticious male in the indust
-rial magazine of the highway trade: Cementula.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Craw

Chamatilly warm up the room:

Nau, yall come to me and you know which ones, who you are, every day i see ya cumup t'me nau, yu cumonup t'me nau and yu sez:

Chama, Chama I tellya i wanna, wanna
an i say y'don't hafta hafta, cuz the way
the rose grows chillun, what's the word
I'm after? Mozis. MOzis. Mozis. When t
-he rain hit da barn anda elemental hitd
-a ethereal farm that the misunderconc-
luzhuns begin to happen, happen. The c-
ment duss be mixing witda offrins an in-
sence and pity pie? is wenda sky start t'
open, open. Can it fly, they wanid t'no. C
-an it take to d'winan leave dem chiluns
behine, and of course you and I can say
cuz we livd to see the day when her life b
-ecame a way, chile... for every woman n
-au, every lady grrl lovin b'be womachal.
We know the sun went down and it stay
-ed that way for a wal. Mo longa than a h
-dred day, boyz. Ahm swe'in bullets whe
-en I try to tell you bout the tam when t-
he heavens met the seas but because no
one believed, baby oh yes: it didn't happ-
en. So when I tell you that by Peggy, she
, that monogram of womanhood in a form
-fitting and pressed uniform, except a re-
al doctor? It was inspiring to everyone. M
ost of all, Rick: who has given his life a nu
mber of times up to her, and finally, all up
in her. They say there is an "eschew"; so-
me call it "The Craw," where one day you
will come out. No, not born again, but real
-ly uglier. It will be another chance at life
for you, but with much more pain from sc
-ars that look as if you had thrown yours-
elf into a live volcano. Oh, wait-- I forgot.
You did throw yourself into a live volcano.

The entire congregation was standing and
applauding, even as they stooped to wipe
their tears on a co-worshipper's shoulder.

It was something came out during Volca years before, and they let her keep telling it now, as if she had earned tenure or had passed a rite of gases and would no longer have to suffer by torture but rather, now, and she preferred it, the torture borne of being a major source of pain for others, and beyond the pleasure of that, the building and maturing ability to self flaggelate and blood manage with no supervision. Because Illyn had taken it upon hiself to self-feed the Mthyuh, he had now lost any sort of nose terror over the Chama. She had always known and had been planning, at some level, his return and her rightful slow retribution: the collection of his debt to her being Top Bitch: he forced her to be moral by feeding drugs intraveneously that gave her a conscience, then convinced her to be true to her lying and theiving background. It made her stronger, but it had not created loving between them.

They Did this To Her

Even if it was Donna, it wasn't Donna.
No one could have snapped like that.
Dr. Thong is professional, pretty, pr-
etty professional, and professionally
pretty. That was some thug parading
through my tale impersonating Dr. T-
hong. Donna Thong is caring and slim.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Albino Slave Sport a Red Afro

Chamatilly old slave Ilyn who legend say went over the edge in Volca, somehow he return. Chamatilly think about covering her ears so her brains don't sputter bloody out, think about that and roll her head around and screech, but instead she just weep in he lap.

"Illyn you my slave always and always come back cuz i own you till i die not till you die." Reptily

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Doctorate of Cement

It oozes everywhere in these parts. Dr. of Cement Thong stands over there in plaid with her stomach out, an obvious department chair, fat cigar stub in her mouth. She's got some kind of racing tickets for a charity for victims of racing. She's all, "We'll take you: your bitch against my bitch." Then she sit back pickin hard spots offer pants while the grrlz go at it. Like a slingshot snapping, she'd thrown over her natural loving care for men to a feminist battleground mentality, bombs literally bursting overhead. In the meantime, cement moved but moved glacially imperceptibly through the valley, God's vicious cycle.

"There is always more, yet only one of each of us, and we are being ground chilluns all up in it." Hoolie

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


To the mother vol-
cano, there is no hu-
nting; the food kill
itself and jump in
your mouth. Are
you in? Now that we
have centuries of da-
ta we find we're rare-
ly wrong. We want no-
t only to record but al-
so guide the
metamorphosis of yor

Thursday, December 11, 2008

You Pick up Whatever's Handy

you pick up whatever's handy
when yor flingin wurds luvins.
something might could be sha
-rp or heavy nufta knock meo
my chilluns out. Why'n cha try
canny-o chahklut nestime boi.

time doesn't

time doesn't time isn't
it's the clock that clock
that moves. time does
-n't time isn't it's the c
-lock that moves. time
doesn't time isn't it's t-
he clock that moves. t-
ime doesn't time isn't i
-t's the clock that mov
-es. cclock that moves.

Friday, December 5, 2008

All-Male Gay Nude Hemp Farmers

Gol, just a little fire drill, and everyone's
groverling before gods and murdering th
-eir firstbornz. Grow up, collective. We t-
he dults now. We pragmatic inda face uh
storms: dey moths 2 flame. Mud, the sa-
-me. Clouds of arrows, solar radiation, b-
rothers save the nation on they two feet.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

She Fell for This

to come across an ex-stripper, gal of any age,
is to find, while drinking, a ruby in your soup.
to run into an exotic dancer when he's boy no
longer? Neat pile of tobacco on a stack of wat-
ermarked parchments deeds contracts notes.
For you to go to the place where you're ass m
-ust save your ass's life: one phone call away.

Amanecer de Mi Tierra

Entre los libros y embutidos
en la mesa de mi corazon,tia
tu eres mi luz eterna y mi a-
mante lesbiana. Tu: trapo fu
-erte pero como seda a la ve
-z, llevame mujer a nuestra
promesa de oportunidad. ba
-tate los labios aqui en pleno
cielo; que produzcas vomitos
de pasion, morbo, y sentidos.

Horrible Violent Shithole

"Chang K. Chang Chank Jr. High is a horrible, violent shithole," by Hoolie

Butt come to find
it's really towers
of shit. And oh so
brutal! I longed f
-or the world of a
-dults to rescue m
-e in its shady ar-
m. Meanwall, chi-
cks in white lipst-
ick scratched and
kicked and verba
-lly assaulted and
exposed themself
indecently to me.

Parallel Universe

Craving is a heartthrob;
beating is a song.
Crying from the stomach,
eating needs a job.

Work is contribution;
off'ring is a prayer.
Begging as forgiveness,
indulgence is to fear.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

manolo y lesley

Yr mind fkn finds ways ok?
If da Pharmsupply go south
an Tedsda only one witta jo-
b, you come here you stay,
hey, who-dat inna poo? Wa-
i, dat ol manolo n lesley an d
-ey jus fabulous chall! u brin
-g yr sleeping bag, cuz we th
-ink you fabulous too cuzzin!