Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Trannie Month, Day 3

"Tryna rince a ho-lotta swole-up kibble dow-ntha spose-all!"

Here I felt like a Georgie-girl in her new Bronx apartment. There is a scrappy rat terrier whose she feedin big pyreena chunks and each one is a biscuit t'him. She has a curly style could withstan several days partying if you keep it combed out n'spraid. So da curlz just be bob-een inna sank while she rince da dish. So, she keep it casual dat way an: reeyul.

On the mas-que lynne side, i cd be a peasant farmer and loaf of bread in dego-t swatting flies angerly at da rustic table, the one where he's really losing it. Good thang female side, from her tray-nang can do some clee-nup an doe-ne-vuh free-kout whan thangs start t'geuh-tang stee-yuf.

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