Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bitchy Community

if you are wearing a wig that's totally straight
and natural baby so it won't melt in contact
with a square, just maybe fizzle, and you can
let it fly, "we don't have time to be in line. we
bitches. we need men now, we don't think any-
much else is funnie. we bitches cuz we've our
freedom and we prettie pissed aboudit," al-
ways standing in a slak circle smoking and
pointing rocked back on one long boot heel.
i am making a stand here near a gutter to say
look, it idn't right. and she's in there (pointing
out) and i'm out here (pointing down) after..."
whatever. then all the sudden they laughing,
they laughing, wild, start scratching each
other tops and poolin hair. they exhausted act-
ing animals that way, leanback on a public
bench giving each udda da dubba-berrl out
f'm undah dey skirts o' dresses. "u a slag."

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