Monday, September 1, 2008

"I'm a Man and a Woman, Too": Pegyah Now

Read up on sexy Peggy Yuah: ageless New-Age eccentric say she don't have any gender identity to prove... or hide.

Q: Peg, may I...

A: Of course, Donna.

Q: Peg, you've been picked on and panned for your free-roaming gender-benders at the cost of our society. How do you respond?

A: I think that I've got even more man in me than most of my Knowers would reflexively attribute. Gender? I see me as a liberated man more than a hot, modern woman. At home with his masculinity: it's his skin and he's wearing it. Not pasting on cardboard eyelashes and playing Vegas. I'm me with a pussy, and I'm me with a dick. Just so happens I've got one... or the other. And I feel good about that.

Q: This has been Dr. Donna Thong and I think just about everyone's favorite ritual goddess, Peg. The Pegyah! Give it up.

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