Monday, March 19, 2018

Ultra, Alta, and Outre

I started as an idea, and that helps make
sense that there'd be others trying to get
out of me and others you want to put ba
ck in. I can't stop the morbid ideations f
or example of Peg, in her brown wig, be
ing Remote Tissue Decisioned all over t
he control room, how the rangers laughe
d as Tom doubled her over over and ove
r until her hair flew off. She's an idea th
at is having an anxiety attack inside me
now, and I feel that if I were a multiple-
personalityed and selves-aware subject,
I'd say that she was imprisoned inside o
f me and really losing it, still in that tig
ht black crepe dress. In fact hypothetica
lly mind you there would be three screa
ming bitches trying to take over the ses
sion and take over as the dominant pers
onality but then what-- me and two of t
hem trying to get with a new cycle? We
'd self-destruct. Pegyuh calls herself Ul
tra because she has two kids and she w
ants her life back with a mthyuh's fury;
Alta knows what she could do with her
freedom besides what biological impet
us alone could not achieve; and Outre,
the quiet one, skulking behind a park b
ench or a tree in our imagination, worr
ing us with dark poses and a tauntingly
high ceiling for aversion to great perso
nal risk or a prodigy at least for stunts.

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