Sunday, December 8, 2013

Two-and-a Quarter Tons of Crap

alprazolam, bambalam and three others
band-aided middle finger
his eyes seemed to rock lightly in their sockets when he bent over

he hauled two-and-a quarter tons of crap across the desert
and then the plains in wicker baskets
but this was a new place with different sorts of rot

she started immediately in on building a shrine
determined to act as if the gods were on their side
without a job they'll be begging in a year's time


  1. Anonymous10:18

    When you get the bandage off be sure to exercise that finger a lot. Otherwise, it gets stiff and stuck in the upraised position.

  2. tout vrai mon cheri

  3. Anonymous21:51

    Not something he'll soon revisit after what happened in the third line.