Thursday, December 19, 2013


PAST: forgiveness

PRESENT: gratitude

FUTURE: faith

Because I could arguably be included on a list of poor decisions taken by my mother, any others that she may have made in regards to my upbringing can't escape that light.
I can see my problems relative to the misery of others.
I suppose I'll find a job and several months down the road will not have to place the $2000 full-grain natural cowhide living room sofa I've just purchased in hock.

Jan Jansdaad
"A childless divorcee can more easily navigate the boundary lands of a new economy." 


  1. Her dad's name is also Jan.

  2. Anonymous22:22

    it's too cold for the wimpering dogs across the street to be left outdoors on a desert winter night
    j wakes to pissing in a jar
    too weak to get to the bathroom
    as cold rain turns the snow to ice
    looks like I'll be spending Christmas in Alaska