Monday, May 23, 2011

weltschmerz v. theodicy

Where to go when yr hungry and it's too late.
Hikikomori's, where dress is not an issue,
or a table corner at Anomie if yr also wanting

a mantle, something willing to absorb a man's
debris field, show a measurable blossom of
participation vs. enthusiasm, intent to self-

regale. Some claim a life form emits an iodine
that can aid in digestion when it isn't yours
and isn't pale. So relax, your urge is benign.

"My boss is Wayne."

Theodicy [the Mp3]


  1. Anonymous03:20

    Your three-stanza'd conceits may well be from 10 years of grading 5-paragraph essays.

  2. You just may be right, Syl! :)