Monday, May 16, 2011

Ima Get It|3231
I didn't get the not giving love bit:
the not giving real love an showing it,
not gripping and clenching the other
with ery young tissue you cd muster,
going through with the slow parts,
feeling gd about someone lower getting
a fun you let them deserve in yr heart.

"Ima sociological artifact."

DeeDee showed up in a gold pants suit and kicked one of these guys' asses.


  1. after Very Young Girls and DC's "T.I.M.E."

  2. Therz a diff between the boys and girlz on both sides of the bizniss. A penis more often creates a state've free agency everywhere in the wild, with or without a wig.

  3. Anonymous06:09

    How about this grupe:

  4. Anonymous20:40

  5. Anonymous10:06

    "volunteers" rocks most of all

  6. The ''Rockats'' first gig was in San Fransisco on New years 'eve at the ''Jim Jones temple ''playing along with 70's punk band the 'Mutants'.

  7. Anonymous07:21

    JS trying to be new-wavy and succeeding brilliantly!

  8. Anonymous07:22

    Look what's happening out in the streets
    Got a revolutiongot to revolution
    Hey I'm dancing down the streets
    Got a revolutiongot to revolution
    Ain't it amazing all the people I meet
    Got a revolutiongot to revolution
    One generation got old
    One generation got soul
    This generation got no destination to hold
    Pick up the cry
    Hey now it's time for you and me
    Got a revolutiongot to revolution
    Come on now we're marching to the sea
    got a revolutiongot to revolution
    Who will take it from you
    We will and who are we
    We are volunteers of america

  9. Anonymous09:07