Friday, February 25, 2011

Bitter last thing they yelled

air is muskety with wisps of shrapnel steam
you won't take my farmin and i'm givin my horses t' injins
standing in a dapply shade with that sword-drawn pose
swore a war vanquishee, now hewn forever so.

air is dusty at home with The Hoarding Squa, squatting
into the land with boxes and snacks to weight the structure down
and to have on hand whenever tomb travel might set in,
a war with men or nature that knocks out common supply webs.

air, world you blew it on me, i wd have done anything, i swear;
wd have given anything in and outside me, family, shiny sterling.
wd have submitted to tying or courses of labor, obligations, fines;
wd have been willing to stay here, breathing, for a longer time.

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