Thursday, October 9, 2008

Peggy Heard disinda Prizun Red Crescent Ward

They's all med wards. You in a ward you on meds. You a nurse you on meds. You a live you even dead you on meds. They checkin my pulse and my powers, all strapped down in a bed. The guns in green come in they say Correctional Officers, as in Correct-Ol, the laxative. They four hours sayin: mmm Jimenez waintcha geddus a peetsa. Mmm I cd go frwun. He say he a magician. It aint comin out. We hada pikim up frm Contraband Watch, no he wuzzina cell. Non-responsive. They say if he gonna lee-of, they gotta giv him da opa-shiv. Da only one ken lift da opa. Doc comes in an sez "iss unfortunate dahling but I've got to save you. It's my damn job." This man is a spoilt, the prisoner who ate contra-shiv and has to get it out in a bucket with guards and docs and clerks on overtime. Day say one broke all up inim. An if is condums, iz ownlee a manner of tam. They standing four hours waiting, I am in normal torture they have me now in a rack. other side o the curtain they saying what about the cubs. whut about da mets. fuck them they waiting for that bitch to shit out her cocaine? tax payer dolla make huh lisp an ask for a tube down her throat cuz she don't like da frooty tase of da lixuid aquative. Hunerd thousan dolla fora nurse an some bitches to surroun dis sociopat wit tits an ass an kindrids? It jus be gonna shoodout day say. It'll shoodout. An we'll have to cleenit. Iaint cleeninit. But itl b evi-dence. Shia, I ain cleeninit.

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