Thursday, October 9, 2008

Only Exercise we Get

it may also seem paranoid that we
always running to the window if w-
e hear a sound on the street, other
dogs barking, any plastic tires be t-
hey on a Big Stone or the waste bo-
x. but I realize now it's all the exer-
cise me and the bitches get. unless
i run around in circles and letem ni-
p at my ankles in a useless frenzy,
we all sitting down or loungin out b-
ig time. we can hear that life is blo-
somming everywhere, and in burs-
ts, occasionally, right in the framey
ovda livinroom winda. weird grainy
film of an era, average people, on a
street. Through the polyshiv lace c
-urtain. while we? whose recordin-
g it? get this, bitches: if they try a-
nythin? you bite. they'll member it.

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