Thursday, January 28, 2021

The chopper

as a young and pretty
carefree big-ass slut
I slid on my butt
down a stone incline
to find my panties
or some others that
may have washed up

realizing it was a dream
I marched into a bank
looking for wardrobe
but the chic sommeliers
were stridently delivering
their empty trays with
no eye contact

there was a rousing barber
of seville scene, but no
one would break character
on the set to let me know 
where I fit or how to get
back to my tent so through
the main square of town

I followed a young man
with hair plastered to
his face, which was hurt. he
wore a maroonish overcoat
and he kept his axe in 
serious reserve stepping 
up and down the bricks

by Peg

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