Saturday, November 14, 2020

the rock method

the first time i climbed to the top of Mthyuh my hair was still long and very red
i was still barefoot from dancing shiv on a slab of ancient desert pavement scrawl
i had to see the top and what her raging bottom looked like from the highest chank
summiting and launching and diving in were a single stroke, an ancient character
Braino knew my arc would blend and assimilate The Crack's northmost fissure
instead of bouncing back on the sheer force of rejection by her drumskin i rolled
and entered a natural vent, tearing upward through rock and sand and insect nests
red like magma my hair and blood left pooling on arrowheads and pots not touched
by human hands since before there were summer thaws and green tendrils to munch
that day i felt the gravity of knowing that stopped the endless stasis of my cart
and let me out onto the landing strip of time the frictionless rink of deadened glass
my feet still green rinds, sticky pink pads, gotten slick with the dust of monuments 

at the center of the longest day among the range of moments contending for noon
i wished Shab well and his eyes glowed red in recognition of the end of our scam
by Ilyn

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