Saturday, December 15, 2018

Prescribed burn

when i got back in touch with you
suddenly there was lots to do just
like the year before
a year that i spent and meant to
save myself for you in case we did
open up the door again

you conceded a fault or two
explained how you learned what
to do but you'd learned much
more, from another guy you'd
neglected to mention. To
find out tore me up again.

It made me think of the times
I took you for granted and some
other guys too, thought it would
be enough if i loved you, be
important, an advantage, a step
up, a welcome challenge.

But you taught me that I can cry too.
In the rain watching him kissing you.
I can't stand the pain feeling the way I do.
Can't you just tell him now while you can
that it's over and he'll understand?
That it's over and I mean more to you?

Now I'm sad because it's a nice day.
If not for him I'd be calling you and
We'd be walking in a forest preserve
right now. Because I'm usually not
the jealous one, I don't know how long
it will take to feel as though it's gone.

by Missy

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