Saturday, April 9, 2016

Bounds of trespass

you'll have the old farm house next to the new one because they owned all that property. Then the old one might become a huge compost heap, storage out building, rental, haunted ancestors. Then the farmers move away to a city and workers and machines till the soil and one or both houses might go roofless turning back to the land with remains, maybe the cement pool and patio, coated in pesticide

i said i don't like anything but i used to like that back before they kicked my ass out of there. now there's only intimate persons and no new world, back to primal shack, no more camping out at the cusp of the void in kumeyaay cahuilla and torres-martinez home, always the spaceman the visitor, no reason for pride in ancient family grants, and then the safe anonymity within the bounds of trespass

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