Monday, February 29, 2016

The Real Office

[This post had been stricken by the Mthyuh Preservation Society.]

various takes on water buffalo
the female go into boss office
hair as a wig, go down on him

He come out sarcastic about an-
other woman who is not desire-
able but serious doing her work.

Next day boss and female (sec-
retary) go out to lunch reappear
two hour, interns make excuses

Coordinator come pick impreg-
nate a frontline rep who wants
a green card, become a hit team

Fattest are most powerful their
suffering greatest trust fullest
35yo VP so fat Go Rascal chair

Chairman fat back surgeries, so
revered by his butt fat and cute
baby looks with fun self-esteem

President fat is a globe equator
belt, sweat, dentures, will chew
your balls is his facial attitude.

Send selfies on dude site to the
whole Mormon town with his
hair all scruffy wanting a date.

by Donna
"In twilight during tori removal surgery."

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