Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The only answer is to be like Jesus

The only answer is to be like Jesus
not dead Jesus, or like live Jesus as
He is represented to live by some,
but like Jesus's red letters in the
eponymous edition, only that, the
red letters in the white, zippered
vinyl embossed with gold letters.

Jesus had the answers, all the an-
swers, not the rest of the Bible.
He lidderly didn't have the rest.
To be like Jesus is forgive above
all and also give, reflect, cleanse.
Other religions are inferior when
you are not sure they have all this.

You hit rock bottom with trendy
ministries preaching catchy sides
but which turn a cheek, and which
Christians? Which let live the
guilty and the innocent, born equal
and fall, not just make bad choices.
He'd say get up and walk, forget it.

Donna Thong
"Still've got the surgery on the patio!"

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