Sunday, March 15, 2015

All crap

all these small jobs
to manage the kids and
car, maintain yard and
dogs, their needs
it can build up on a girl

and you don't own
anything, your auto
house, music, phone
is all payments and
clouds, magic password

product is brand and
brands products, brand
via corporate and pro-
ducts from Chinese
sweatshops, all crap.

by Donna [Dr. Donna Thong, Reinstatement Imminent]
Poetry Table, Hobby Hour
Rehabilitative Meta-Talk Therapy Trial Participant [embedded control subject]
Journal of the Meta-Cognitive Talk Therapy Apologist Movement

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  1. Anonymous23:05

    What's happening now in the saga is that Donna, a board member in good standing with MTTAM, is herself receiving self-esteem and wellbeing therapy at the Center for Non-Behaviorist Interventionalism in Taos, just blocks from her sprawling cliffside home and back-patio surgery. To save face with inspectors and HR department, friends at the Journal have arranged for her to be treated with a back story that the treatment is a cover story for a story about the treatment.