Sunday, August 3, 2014

Wayside International Modern Wayhome Hostal Inn: "A Modest Home, An Open Waypoint for Any Wayward Male Homosexual, No Matter How Hostile or Where You've Already Been"

Match the characteristic with the character:
  1. Mike
  2. Donna 
  3. Ted
  4. Reptily/ Chamatilly
  5. Jan (daughter)
  6. Jan (father)
  7. Mkidza Mlaf
  8. Tom
  9. Peg
  10. Hoolie
  11. Ilyn
  12. miserable smoking child cardiologist
  13. Connie 
  14. Wayne
  15. Kevin Reynolds
  • refuses to shower in "landlord mist"; will unscrew head and stand in full stream of open pipe
  • "psychic" who answers everything with "I know"
  • steroid guy who once considered electrocuting a 3rd date with his therapeutic spa tub insert
  • stroke recoverer who goes off on people out in public who are being nice
  • ex-bus driver with destroyed hips, no insurance and a permanent Darvon jones
  • jumpy pigtail fetishist scarred from a series of junior high pencil stabbings
  • forgets to ask how you're doing
  • talks to you dirty in daylight hours as if it's a compliment
  • navy air captain who just wants to open-mouth kiss for hours
  • same person, will actually open his eyes and try to complete minor, unrelated tasks around him without breaking lip seal
  • has been stripping the wood trim in his dining room for 30 years; table and chairs covered with newspapers from the 1980's
  • often followed home by a cop
  • refused to come out of pool on 40th birthday, submitted to hospitalization only after full drain
  • seems to appear in two places at once, nearly impossible to locate by one individual searcher 

by Dray Gnaim

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