Sunday, June 15, 2014

He, She, They

No one knew they were half twins but for their commercial behaviors. In every city, it started this way:
  • He would start muttering under his breath out of frustration while darting about a shop interior, unable to find the satisfactory item/ price/ employee/ response.
  • She would buy two of whichever size or brand of cottage cheese was on sale at the most convenient local grocer.
That might repeat in graduating and widening frequency over months or years. Then
  • She would be at her fifth different cottage cheese supplier, this one in the next town over, purchasing up to a gallon of cottage cheese at a time, and sometimes finishing it off in the car before driving to the next market.
  • He too would have to start adding to his avoidance list not only merchants but bankers, box office clerks, tailors, virtually any and all types of businesses that require human interaction and even some that do not. In fact not any that do not. He refuses to speak to a robot.
The city seemed to be rising up against them.
  • Her with a calcium deficiency. 
  • Him an incorrigible asshole (fear). 
They crossed paths and commiserated and tried to make it seem normal but the big and growing picture was troubling. Leaving town was wrenching and cauterizing. A new town like a new operating system: same humans, personalities: two persons wondering about wasting time learning to do it different just because somebody needs a job pretending to make it better.
  • He, especially, empathized with foreign bodies in an ecosystem with the antibody feature. 
  • She just didn't want to stick out.

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