Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mind as State

Memory and a human's fluids thinly planing on a concave surface, two refracting layers over what's not us but of our same dimension, at depths we are protected from by our limits, with emotions and lights.

We grant it's psychedelia, where mind is state: mind love/ mind rule/ mind the invasive host and replacement unto all horizons, a world of fright because of everything that sub-equates, unimagined, but waits.


  1. Phyllis, Embedded01:20

    Yule notice he only invents words when there are gaps in ways to express consciousness, when neither this nor any single other language, indeed not even the whole lot thrown together, is adequate to confess, in the nearest possible way, the music of the spirit.

  2. Anonymous22:22

    This post is like an unsettling poem of some sort ... but strangely beautiful nonetheless.

    Just thought I'd say ...

    You've got a weird, wonderful place here, Cap.

    1. We're not at all far from Yuma! Though the Salton Sea is no Loch Aillse. Thanks for your lovely comment, Carrie.

  3. Anonymous05:08

    Funny you should mention distance - because even though my postal code is now Yuma, I sometimes still feel like I live in another world ... or maybe it's just the damn heat?

    And Caol Loch Aillse (or Kyle of Lochalsh as the tourists and non-Gaelic speakers know it) is a long way away from everything - but I guess Salton Sea is even further away. :-)

    Funny how moods tend to change perceptions of distance ...

    Anyway ... " ... At depths we are protected from by our limits, with emotions and lights"

    Wow ... I just love that ...