Friday, November 4, 2011

sloth ambulance

sloth ambulance
sweet chariot of the law
am i dead?

why carry me so far
boat of rushes
bowl of sand

rocking tumbler
mountain lion
i hope that you've been fed.

Vikki Dublin


  1. hi, saw yr comment at DC's and had to investigate. I'm glad I did. Much contemporary verse makes me want to run but I like the bits I've read here v. much. I am no poet but manage the odd song lyric, which a lengthy perusal of my musicohomoerotic tumblr will reveal. It's about half pix, half music vids, film clips etc, a huge ongoing mix tape if you like.

  2. She's so embarrassed about her comments on DC's that she blushes in shame. But what other venues are there patient enough for the epistolary Tourettic. Thanks for your visit and sharing your link DK.