Sunday, December 19, 2010

prison snitch

ladies, when you took my boyfriends, I told other women.
gentlemen, i saw whut you did too, but why so violent?
here we must all swing from pole to pole, but so much friction?

like an embattled civil servant, i skulked through the lunchroom.
can't sell my tics, my shiv's a pacifier, can't get my mind around it.
where was all the love i knew with mike and ken and stu and...

here in prison, they say it's *a* hard life when really it's a whole
hard life, longer than most flakes could ever notice, and then,
they say, in retrospect it won't have been that long in the next life.

i'm sorry you stopped buying my tics, but a woman has to hedge herself,
and sometimes it's shrill as a scream. it wasn't like i was running a
racket. you only become a prison snitch when all hope has soured.

Incarceration, Hour 3
"Please come for me, Mike"


  1. She's a woman. There's some question about the what where when who how and why of her genitalia, but she is definitely a woman. Maybe there's also some male hormones, almost as if they were contagious.

  2. Already a failed prison drug dealer after 3 hours in the lockup? You go, Dr. Thong.

  3. Anonymous05:31

    was kept out of tetherball and square dancing