Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Obscured by Flatus

Juniper is prone to tumorous growths all over his body, inside and out. For a while he'd sprout fingery pink blobs through his teeth he could just chew off when they began to overhang the jowl. Could this gene be harvested and viralized to inhibit precocious speech development in targeted individuals within the branks candidature pools? Then a furred, tightly ballooning sack like a misplaced, second-chance set of gonads bounces pert, just above the anus and contains a hardened mass that no veterinarian will go near. Which gland has sacrificed its own capacity for infectious response or even normal secretion in a real estate so limited as among those dorsal peaks and edges? Another living, blood-pumping agent inside of him which is him-but-also-not-him rivals his spleen in size and neighboring organ displacement but can only be directly verified by enzymatic footprint analysis. Every attempt at imaging so far has been thoroughly obscured by flatus. Up top again, at the base of the tail, you encounter a particularly bulbous and aggressive eruption, black and speckled like asphalt. When he shakes his coat, sharp grains can fly in any direction as if you'd kicked a jumping cholla cactus. Your bare legs may be fairly peppered with the gummy, reduplicative particles. This is another way that Juniper expresses and sheds his cancers.

Shaded information bar insert, p. 15.
Chapter 4: "Dogshiv!"
My Boys and their Bitc
Dr. Donna Thong


  1. Phyllis22:14

    This post has bloated 30% in one hour.

  2. So thick as to obstruct vision? Even radiological tomography?