Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sucking Beacon

Donut cloud, crown of thorns, and your lateral, unsurvivable blast: we must all learn, but be far away from. The charm of your beacon is a ring of pulling wanting. Our own livers, our sensing organs, viscerally seek to sate your warning glory.

Disappointing former anomalies, pivotal galactic trendsetters, turn out to be really no more than wood chippers. Matter doesn't "disappear" inside them. Their density is not "infinite." Law of physics: something always has to give. Look what's blowing out their axes.

We astronomers, in bed with our telescoping mirror cones and eye needles; we livers in other realms, of freedom, of caprice and lifestyle mistakes, of blight off season. They put us in prison in spite of our feathered hats. We recant our previous believin'.

Only the bars prevent our final charge on gravity. Suck me, wide one. Beauty is your annihilation of all other meaning. To true is to leave terminating dusts on a vinyl stack of atmospheres, to be creatures who will eat through song for an invite to a place where space bends.

From: "Ode to Black Hole 7"
Reptily, Graduation Day Speech
Hunger Gardens, Low Chanks


  1. The Cap'm appears to be the master storyteller, making room for the lyrical voices of each of his bitches, allowing them a measure of ownership in their own narrative representation.

  2. i love this blog. it's very educational and i learn a lot of new words. i still haven't figured out exactly what a "chank' is. is "the chanks" like the "boondocks" in american?

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgyHqJ4U1UE

  4. http://captainpariah.blogspot.com/2008/05/chank.html

  5. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=chank

    chank = chancre, of course. but sounds a bit nasty, dinnit? not quite out of the top drawer.
    alf and chalky larf at the silly yank trying to speak english. they throw fried kippers and plum puddings at is ed.

  6. Chanks are towers of petrified K guano into which locals have dug caves and shivchapels.

    Hunger Gardens, Low Chanks is a place name much like Horsleys Green, High Wycombe or Aigh Yank in Yarmouth.