Sunday, May 3, 2009

Miserable Smoking Child Cardiologist

I have to tell the babies when they're dead;
It's all the universe needed me for.
It's like bending horseshoes into poodles.

I find survival with access to jets.
Clown white before complementary drinks,
I take my hotel suite and sob and sleep.

I am totally hypnotized by cock.
The Pharmers pay me all in stock,
But I tremble at the size of their teeth.

How could I cart a young husband around
Near parents glowing with hysteria--
Explaining that he's just my Playtime King?


  1. Hey I love your work ....check out #CreativeCollective on Twitter I would like to add you and promote on twitter are you on twitter? I am ViralExistence

  2. Thanks man! I have not yet found the time to Twitter. When I do, I'll certainly check out the Collective.

  3. Anonymous01:08

    nothing like a man's hard sobbing