Friday, August 1, 2008

Dehumanization by Corporate Decree

The front-line shivic reps are often culled from the lower socio-economic levels. They are fine for convincing their own compatriots in their own jargon to submit to the policies and behavior of PharmSupply. Then it goes on to Supervisor I, who is often just a custie-serv who has been able to weather worshiper abuse for longer than any of her colleagues and can be counted upon for her pleasant and determined contempt for the caller crossed with a very effective vocal and rhetorical method of inflicting maximum pain while leaving no visible marks whatsoever.

The highest level reps are cool-- people you wouldn't mind hanging out with or at least wouldn't have a panic attack over if you were stuck with them in a buffet line at the stone of a mutual friend, for example. And you are more likely to be kind and considerate toward them because it is all the more likely that these persons actually are acquainted with someone that you know personally, or at the very least that they would most likely be worthy opponents were the dispute ever to reach the level of Blood Sacrament.

Today's Reps on Profile:

Marco 622703
I imagined a weekend trip with his hairy open shirt.

Janine 622998
She seemed to have had a couple of kids at home and everyone else was the enemy.

Kitty 621783
Once, she had broken men's wills and hearts.

Boots 622419
Could have had most of the necessary tools for bike repair in his basement. My best guess is white cotton briefs and tube socks.

Alan 621067
Should be running it, but can't stop flaming.

Tinky 622350
Intern of Custie-Shiv: Breath of strong wheaty-sulfur opening, rotted lawn clippings with dog crap notes. Nickname: "La Chi Chi"

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