Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Everyone started dreaming of a death. The death could have been a murder, and it had them all tossing and turning. It could have been any one of them. They just couldn't remember for sure because it had been so far back in their collective history.

They'd see one another sitting in a doctor's waiting room down at Pharm-Supply or standing in line for remote muscular pilot (RMP) debugging.

Chama, a 35-year-old topless black goddess, piped up:

Used to be they'd take you in a cave and show you which demon you had and try to scare it away. They assumed you were perfectly fine you know, it was the demon that was in you causing pro'ms chile.

Now I can't even say the name of the demon yall got even though I know what it is. Has to be a special ceremony for that. Incense cost money. Know what I mean?

I been scoured spiritually inside and out. They don't make me do that RMP stuff. I'm like the movie of a real woman you can see on the screen of your pain all the other times when I'm not present emotionally.

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