Friday, October 19, 2007

animated gif of his face replaced with jesus's during lightning II

Back in the cave, Reptily searches the men's pockets for liberty coins. Across the gorge, the high priests' sign has lost hold on one end. It now says:



"You bastards and your easy wages. I will take your future!"

The floor was seething with crickets, which were trying to sleep so did not chirp. One would try to scoot in further or mount another for comfort, and there would be a ripple effect across the entire herd. Their scratching and flicking whispered in the dreams of the courtiers.

"Only five. Only one kraplich. They have spit their lucre into whores."

An altar to the Fish Princess began to rock back and forth. Reptily stopped rummaging and grabbed her large golden hoop earrings.

"Bless me savior. You are pleased."

Reptily was neither bright nor curious. She repeated things her grandmother had often said out of superstition alone. Soon she had gathered eight more kraplich.

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