Sunday, July 16, 2017

Please be patient with this

Hello Sylvia,

I almost called you this afternoon but realized you were at MPS. Was reflecting (yes already at it only moments after turning in grades) about the bits of news I hear from you and feel the impulse to make observations about it, but certainly do not want to come across disrespectfully. Is it ever appropriate for the youngers to challenge the elders?

With much respect, nevertheless, I would like to charge ahead and challenge you to have a look at some of your local helping activities and what everyone is getting out of them. I do not claim to have anything like a comprehensive picture. My ears only prick up at what you tell me sometimes. You can guess: I see coarse and self-satisfied individuals taking advantage of my beautiful, big-hearted aunt. Then it goes beyond that into worrying if your methods are sufficiently tweaked for our confusing, desperate and litigious times. For example, schoolmasters used to be able to corporally punish with impunity. Now the lightest slap of a hand could end up on the evening news. So when you've mentioned a couple of times about your own light ministrations of bracing physicality-- with Reptily and Peg in particular-- I feel anxious. Just wondering if you might be wading too deep in territory that seems familiar but which could be boggy.

The last thing is all of those letters! Can't help thinking "She's working free for that big, rich temple and that ungrateful deity and chukking volca for an able-bodied person younger (even!) than myself. Doesn't she know how much we need a definitive edition of all her writings to date, and so especially much more than all the shiv bowls in the world to be filled?"

Would you pray about above please? I shall do the same.

Alright, I've done it. Now it occurs to me to offer to help with the letters-- lots of free time this summer. It could be just between us if you like.

Love, Connie
College of Cement correspondence

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